Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
A family of 7 due to the blessing of adoption!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

The ADMs' Birthdays!i

Check out Adam!!
My big 7 year old!!!
Laughing for a good tickle
 Sitting up and holding his head all by himself!!

 After a while his head gets so heavy.

 My baby girl, Alyssa, is 5 years old.

Matthias crawling over Adam to get to Aunt Michelle

 We used the kids' party to surprise my sister Angie for her 40th Birthday which is next week.

Angie and Dennis

 Angie gave mom a Mothers' Day Present early :)
Michelle and Sydney
Poppy, Gannon and McKenzie
Izzy, Adam, Silly Grandma and Richard
Brenda and Paul

The kids all having fun in the back yard

Angie opening some of her presents

Troy, Veronica, Matthias
Izzy, Stacey, McKenzie and Adam


Gifts from our landlord and friend

Michelle, Adam and Sondra
 Matthias crawled over to love on Stacey.

Bev. Rich, Sondra, Adam, McKenzie, Matthias, Dad and Stacey
Amanda and her friend being the center of attention
Dennis, Mom, Kelse and Angie
See why we call her Silly Grandma?
Travis and Sydney

Valerie and Kyle

Dave telling Alyssa to throw that ball at the boys lol
Caught Trevor working ;)
My Bestie Michelle
 A cake or cupcake for every birthday we missed before!!

My sweet Em bug had to come see Adam eat his cake
Feeding tube or not every boy should get to play in his first birthday cake!!

Kaitlyn as rubbing his cheek

Adam and Richard have a special bond!!

Aunt Veronica was tickling Kaitlyn!
Grandma gave Matthias yummy cake!
Sondra, Ethan, and Stacey

Crazy girls
Troy and Amanda
Darlene and Dave


Shelley and Mom
We call that brotherly love
Anne Marie

Great Grandma 

Present time.... Kait got one because Aunt Angie did not make it down for hers

 Matthias kept trying to get all the presents.

 My boy knows to hang onto his money!

Michelle and Craigy-poo

Grandma with her Mother's day present fighting off her sons

Poppy and Dave

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