Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
A family of 7 due to the blessing of adoption!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Pray like you have never prayed before!!!

I have not been given permission to share pictures of the full story yet, but there are several babies and their families that need every prayer they can get!! Even if you don't normally pray, please make this one of those rare occasions.

I have a blog friend that has a baby in need of a transplant. I'm pretty sure this sweet baby needs a new heart. Unfortunately the only was for this angel to receive a heart is for another family to lose a child.

Here is the story..... less than a week ago there was a mom who had 3 healthy 6 month old triplets. She was feeding them, bathing them, and putting them to bed one at a time. She had her daughter put the first baby in bed while she bated the 2nd one. She sent her daughter in with the 2nd baby, and she started bathing the 3rd baby when she heard a scream. Her daughter had gone to lay baby number 2 in bed when she saw baby number 1 on his tummy. They always had the babies sleep on their backs, so she went to roll him over. She said he didn't respond. The mom rushed in and started CPR on previously healthy 6 month old baby right there on the nursery floor. Someone called 911. The paramedics rushed him to the hospital, and somewhere along the way they were able to get his heart beat back. 

Now a few days later, this sweet baby is not responding and this poor mom had to make a decision. she decided to allow her warrior to help others even in his death. She decided to donate his organs to other babies in need. My blog friend will find out today if her angel will benefit from the tragedy of others. The Lord works in amazing ways that we may not understand, but by this perfect child returning to our Father in Heaven several children will get to experience life! 

Please pray!! These children and their families need it.

Alyssa.. My little helper

I was getting everyone dressed and ready to take Kait to school this morning. I had everyones socks and shoes on except for mine. Alyssa went to the shoe closet while I was doing Kait's hair. She said you need socks, shoes (she talks very well for 2.... she has been using full sentences since about 12 months old). I told her my socks and shoes were in my bedroom and that I would get them, but I didn't need to. This was what I saw when I got up to put the hair stuff away. Notice she even has socks. She is the best little helper this mommy could ever ask for. She even likes to clean!!

We will start to opening bid at...... I know everyone would love a kid just like her, but sorry she is mine. I wouldn't trade her for anything :D

More pictures of Alyssa helping that I had to share. She cleaned her left over birthday cake off the counter.
The she got a towel out of the drawer and cleaned herself up..... She noticed that she had been caught ;)

Our 10th Wedding Anniversary!

Kevin and I met each other in October of 1995 at a pumpkin patch. I was 12 years old and he was 13. I was investigating the LDS church, and the young men and women were working the pumpkin patch to earn money for boys and girls camp. I met him and his group of friends. One of his friends asked me to date him. I said "NO!" Then I turned to Kevin (who I think had been attempting to flirt with me), and said "Are you going to be dumb enough to ask me out too?" He said no then mumbled under his breath something I'm not sure he realized I ever heard (I have super human hearing.... just ask my family. They hate it).... he mumbled... But I'll marry you one day. I thought to myself. Ya right maybe in your dreams.

Thus our "relationship" developed. He quickly became friends with my dad just so he could come over to my house without me inviting him. He knew that would never happen (yes, I was mean). I came out of my room one day and saw him there and actually snuck out the back door just so I didn't have to face him... Again. He would literally come to my house every single day. Then the worst thing ever happened.... My sister started dating his brother which meant we had to spend even more time together.

I liked to spend time with my sister and her friends, and now she was spending all of her time with Kevin and Troy (his brother). I decided to give in and try to have a little fun in the process. I mean, come on, how bad could it be hanging around someone who worships the ground you walk on. We would go to movies, fishing, to the park, and a few other places. Kevin took it all wrong and started asking me out every single day. Yes, I mean every single day. He was so sweet, but I was only 12 years old. I kept telling him no. One day I finally gave in and agreed to be his girlfriend for 2 days :) 

After a while he stopped being quite as desperate, and we became best friends. We did everything together. I actually started to depend on him to be there for me, but I could not tell him that. For years we were inseparable. We did everything together especially after he got his license. He would drive me wherever I wanted to go, but then I would get a boyfriend, and everything would change.I didn't realize that I was breaking the heart of my very best friend. Then his parents decided that he was better off to just cut all ties to me, and they actually forbid that he see me. They told him that if he was seen hanging out with me, they would take his truck away. For a while he would still come over before or after school, but eventually he was gone. 

I hadn't seen him for almost a year (other than at church) when it hit me. I realized that part of me was missing, but I didn't know that part of me was Kevin until I saw him with someone else. I knew I had to do something because this hole in my heart was getting bigger everyday. Lucky for me it was softball season at church. There is one thing about Kevin's family.... If there is softball being played, they will be there. I took this opportunity to give him a CD I had made with some songs that made me think of him along with a letter. 

It didn't take long. He called me the next day and told me that he had broken up with his girlfriend. We started to date in September of 2000, and we got engaged on Christmas Day of 2000. 

Then the best day ever.... 10 years ago today Kevin and I got married!

These are some picture of us back then.

Here is a pic of us today :) Still as happy as can be.

Kevin thought he deserved a treat for putting up with me for the first 6 years of our relationship. He said the last 10 have been a breeze in comparison :)

I needed a treat too, but mine is a little healthier. Apparently I must be harder to deal with afterall ;)

 I may have been stubborn when I was 12 years old, but I had it figured out by the time I was 17.
May 26, 2001 was the best day of my life. I married my very best friend :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Kaitlyn's crush

When we moved Kaitlyn to a new school in the middle of the year, she was very upset. Within a week she was telling me about 1 kid that would pick on her all the time. Then we went to church, and he was in her primary class too. Luckily they became friends even though he still teases her sometimes. 

Then last week Kaitlyn comes home from school with a card in her back pack. I noticed it, but thought she had made it in school. Then she tells me. Guess what I got today mom... What??.... Bridger gave me a card. He told me to look under my chair and this is what I found.

This is a picture of what she held up.
 Then I saw the back. She says.... I guess he is being silly and likes me. He must have a crush on me or something..... She is only 6. Where does she learn these things? Aren't boys still supposed to have cooties at this age?? Oh Heaven help me.... I am going to need it!!
 He is the cute boy holding the Y in the top row.
Then she informs me that another kid in her class, Savoy, was upset that Bridger had given her a card. He tells her that he had also made her an I love you card, but his little brother messed it up. He is the little boy holding the H in the middle row. How did this happen? She is too young for her first crush.....

Note to self: Send Kaitlyn to an all girls school. She is already too popular with the boys!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Alyssa's 2nd Birthday Party :)

Happy 2nd Birthday Alyssa :)
She wanted everything princess, but didn't care which princess.... I think we had 3 different ones.

 She did not like her crown... Sister had to hold it on.
 My little ham!
 Wow look at those eyes!
 Silly Grandma and the birthday girl.
 Poppy and some of the kids.
 Some fun times on the trampoline.
 Adam, Matt, Katie, Troy and Grandpa GG (great grandpa).

 Some of the kids....
 and more kids.....
 and more kids.....
 and guess what..... even more kids!
 Her cake :)

 She blew out the candles about 2 words into the song lol
 Aunt Veronica, Alyssa and Grandma
 Opening presents.... the chairs lasted about 5 seconds...

 The mom trying to show her the presents, but it is a lost cause. She literally ran from one present to the next opening them as fast as she could. She even got mad at a few because the paper was too tough and she couldn't rip it fast enough. She has such a BIG personality!
 Sandee, Ellen and Poppy
 Lots of family.... Lisa, Jarom and family.... Matt, Katie, Melissa, Laurie and Sandee and Grandpa and Troy in the back!
 Tamara and some of the kids.

 Just a few of her gifts.... spoiled!!
 Beverly and Grandma!
 More family.... Lisa, Jarom, Robert, Anne, Grandma and Lisa's kids :)
 The pinata.... the Birthday girl goes first, but she got mad. She did not like having to set her babies down.
 Our little red faced kids cuddling with Grandpa after a long day!

More sports :) I'm not a proud mom or anything...

My team finally won there first game last Saturday. Nothing like waiting until the last game of the season, but hey at least we finally won!!! Kait scored 2 of our 3 goals, and Miles (a kid who filled in for Tristan) scored the 3rd one. We won 3-1 :)

Here is a pic that has all of my team, but Tristan :)
Kaitlyn and Vickie running hard :)
 Kaitlyn attacking it as usual (well at least once bribery cam into play :)

 Adam, Emily and Bonnie playing hard!
 She got her new hat, and I think she liked it.
 This is what she likes to call her baseball look. I love it!! 
Her team won too! 

An Angel turns 1 against all odds

This Angel has had a rough first year, but despite the fact that doctors and family members thought she wouldn't make it to  year old.... This weekend she celebrates her first birthday.
We are so thankful that we are able to be part of her life. She may not be able to hold up her own head, eat food without a feeding tube, or even breathe without oxygen 24/7, but she has taught all of those around her many valuable lessons!! She is here to teach us. She is already perfect, but we will be the ones who benefit from knowing her!!
Stay strong Sweet girl. Your family loves you very much.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

A day of haircuts for the girls!

Alyssa, who turned 2 on Mother's Day, has never had her hair cut. I was afraid to get it cut because as soon as I got the older kids hair cut their cowlicks made their hair stick up.... So, I waited to see how bad her cowlicks were before we got her hair cut.

This is a picture of our sweet Alyssa before her hair cut!

Another before pic.... She seems to like the car they will be cutting her hair in.
She does NOT like the cape they are putting on her though.
Bubbles make everything better!
She is doing really good as long as she gets her way.
Her new look.... I think she is super cute with bangs!
A look at the back. Would you believe they cut off about 2-3 inches?
Kaitlyn's turn, but she only gets a trim.
Brittany also getting a trim.
He was making me crazy.... what a pretty look on my face. He said I had to put this picture on my blog and refused to take a better one..... Men :P