Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
A family of 7 due to the blessing of adoption!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Scriptures

 My girls have been begging for their own scriptures for a long time now. We finally went and got Kait a pair of used ones about 6 months ago. Since we have been reading the scriptures every night, we figured it was time to shell out a couple hundred dollars and buy the girls their own scriptures.
Britt picked out the 2 separate books in red. We even put their name on them.
 Kaitlyn wanted the Quad in Red .

Alyssa also has scriptures. We just gave her Kaitlyn's old pair. They wouldn't put her name on them since they were used.... We will buy her some when she starts reading. We had to buy Kev a new blue quad since Alyssa had ripped about 10 of his pages out :(
On a side note.. I hate when my kids do not put their shoes away.... How can I get them to do it when my husband won't even do it?? Here are 3 pairs of his shoes on the living room floor.... This is just proof because he will deny it later ;)

A letter to my daughters

I was sitting here thinking the other day...... What would I want to tell my daughters if I could write them one last letter..... These thoughts were brought on by a childhood friend of mine who lost her mother unexpectedly. She just had her first baby and wanted her mother's advice...... So, here goes my advice to my girls.

Dear daughters,
I want to start this letter by telling you how blessed I am to be your mother. I love you more than you will ever know. Until the time when you have your own child... only then will you get a glimpse into how powerful a mothers love is. 

I am so proud of how fast you are learning and growing. Kaitlyn, you are only 6 years old, and you are already smarter than me. You can read words that I couldn't read until I was much older. You have my math skills, that is for sure. I think you are all bound to love math since your dad and I both do. Your teacher tells me how amazing you are. You are also learning how to make and keep friends which makes me so proud. One of your best traits is your honesty. Even when you know that you might get in trouble, you always tell us the truth. You are starting to show so much compassion towards other, but your love towards your Heavenly Father is something that teaches me each day. I love how you made a New Years Resolution to read the Scriptures each day. You have been a great example. You will accomplish something by age 7 that it has taken your dad and I until this point to do.... Read the entire Book of Mormon.... It shocks me that you can read so many of the big words in the Scriptures. You have always been such a big helper to me.... in so many ways. For that, my sweet Kaitlyn, I will always be thankful.

Brittany, You are starting to grow up so fast. You are hot on Kaitlyn's tail with your learning. I can tell you love math the most. You sit and focus long enough to accomplish that. Reading seems to bore you. That is ok. I don't think I finished an entire book until I was married. It may have been after I had kids. Let me encourage you to read though.... It is something I wished I had done more as a child. Math is a great skill to have. It makes me laugh that you pretend not to know the answers, but I know that you know. You just really like the extra attention you get by taking longer.... See that right there shows me how smart you are. Especially since once homework time is over you can answer the same math problems without even thinking. I love how observant you are of other people's feelings... never let that go because it is my favorite thing about you. I remember a ton of times when mommy was sad, and you would just come wrap your arms around me. You knew I needed a hug... even when I didn't. You always had a way to make me feel better.

Alyssa, When did you get so big? At just 2 years old, you are talking and acting bigger than some 5 year olds I know. You are soooooo stubborn though. I have no idea where you got that from. Hang on to that trait, but use it wisely. I didn't always use my stubbornness in the best ways. Be kind to others, but do not let them walk all over you. You and Kaitlyn may have to teach this trait to Britt because she likes to make everyone happy. (Just don't let her make herself sad in the process..... ask Aunt Peggy about that one). Your spunky little personality has gotten you out of soooo much trouble, but also secured you a spot in tons of hearts! Nobody can stay mad with you around. You have a way of lighting up a room just by walking into it. It is a great quality.... keep it up! The funny things you say make me smile even when I do not want to.

You girls are all so different, but also so much the same. I love that you guys truly love each other. Do NOT let that go..... ever!! Remember that nobody! Guys included should ever come between sisters..... When all your friends from childhood, high school, college, work etc have all disappeared.... guess who is left... Family. My sister and I would fight every chance we got growing up, but when it came down to it we knew we loved each other and would do anything for each other. Aunt Peggy is my very best friend! I hope you girls will be best friends one day. 

Here is some advice.... some things I am thinking about now that I may forget later..... Never be a bully. I do not car how cool you or your friends think it is. Do not pick on others to make yourself feel better. You will regret it later. Take it from me, it is not fun to have regret. Always live your life like a daughter of God would live..... Love others, serve others and remember respect! 

Never date someone you wouldn't marry. I used to hate when my mom would say things like that to me.... C'mon mom it is just a date. It is not like we are going to get married. I always used to say..... nobody marries their high school sweetheart anyways..... WRONG! I met your dad when I was only 12 years old.... I was not even thinking about marriage yet, but I fell in love... even though it took me 5 years :) The way I see it, you should marry the man that becomes your best friend. The one you have fun with and have things in common with. You will know what I mean someday. Oh, and get married in the temple!! I want to see you in Heaven!

Always try your best in school!!! Grades do matter!! In this world, the work force is so competitive. You will need a college education to stand a chance. Do not plan on getting married and having a man support you. Be self sufficient. You never know what trials life will bring you. Be prepared to take care of yourself and your family!

Let other people help you, but be appreciative. I think service is an amazing thing. I was always stubborn and tried to do everything on my own. I did not like to feel like I needed help. Let me share a little secret with you..... If you do not let others help you, you are denying them blessings. Accept the help if you need it, but always say thank you and pay it forward!

Ok let's talk babies... WAIT! Do not get married and start your family right away. Give yourself time to adjust to being married before you have kids. Take some vacations, go on a cruise and enjoy a few years first. Oh, and maybe save some too.... Kids are expensive. On that same note.... do not wait until you can "afford" to have a kid.... Follow God's plan... Trust in him to have perfect timing.
Also, along the lines of babies..... many people will offer advice. Be careful what advice you take. Trust your gut. The Lord teaches moms as they go.... Before long you will know your baby better than you know yourself. I knew what each cry meant (yes there are different cries). I could play your giggles over and over in my head. The laughter of a child is the best thing ever! 

Basically, Life is simple. Do not make it harder than it has to be. Be a good person, surround yourself with good people, and follow God. I believe he has a plan for each of you. You each have talents and something special that you bring to our family. Share your talents with others. I cannot wait to see what beautiful women you become.


Sunday, January 15, 2012

I've been tagged

I have been tagged by  Tracie

The Rules

1. You must post the rules. (and link up who tagged you)

2. Post eleven fun facts about yourself on the blog post.

3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and then create eleven new questions to ask the people you've tagged.

4. Tag eleven people and link them on your post

5. Let them know you've tagged them!

11 Fun Facts about Me 

1. I am one of 3 girls. I have 3 girls. My husband is one of 3 kids.

2. I am the baby in my family, but most people say I act like the oldest.

3. My sister is my best friend. (aside from my husband of course)

4. I graduated from high school a year early due to an injury. I went to school for Technical theatre.

5. I was named after Charlie's 3rd Angel... Jaclyn Smith because I was my dad's 3rd Angel.

6. I always wanted only boys and no girls, but I love my 3 princesses. I am learning new things every day.

7. I was pregnant with my sister in law the with my first 2 kids ( our kids are 9 weeks apart and 3 weeks apart). With my last pregnancy my sister and I were due 1 day apart (our kids are 4 weeks apart though).

8. I used to train people in CPR and first aid at the age of 16 and manage a bank by the age of 18.

9. I was converted to the LDS church at the age of 12 where I met my husband.

10. I was a stage manager for several productions during high school including Little Shop of Horrors. I was also a costume designer for other production. A back injury ended my technical theater career. 

11. My favorite movie has always been Dirty Dancing although Liar Liar has come up to a close second.

Tracie's questions for me:

1. If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
This is a hard one to answer.... I almost want to say right here where I am... Where my family is.
I might like to live somewhere that it doesn't snow, but for now... Utah is the place for me.
2. What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
Rocky Road
3. Where is your dream vacation?
Before kids: Hawaii Now: Disney World after a Disney Cruise
4.What is your most embarrassing moment?
I was at my Grandpa's funeral. I had just gone to the bathroom... My brother in law kindly pointed out that my skirt was tucked into my pantyhose. That was at the viewing. The following day at the actual funeral my 3 month old daughter had a blowout a pooped all over me, my cousin and the floor.... Good times.
5.What is your least favorite food that you still make your kids eat?
Vegetables. Any kind.... if it is a vegi.. I do not want it. Although I do not enforce it very well with my kids either.
6. Why do you blog?
I started blogging as an online journal for my kids. I plan to print out 3 copies each year. I will give them to them when they get married :)
7. What is your favorite blog post?
My favorite blog post and now my least favorite blog post was when we decided to adopt. I am still an advocate for the orphans. My adoption did not go through as planned, and I am still dealing with a broken heart. I still love my adoption family, and support them all.  This is the post where I announced my other blog... An adoption blog that led me to many amazing people. I have some blog posts of others that I love also, but do not have permission to share.
8. When do you find time to blog?
When my kids are in bed or at school.... I sometimes take the time to blog when my husband is watching a movie with them... I am not a big movie person.
9. If married, how long did you date your spouse before you married? If not married, how long would you date someone before your considered marrying them?
I only truly dated my husband about 3 months before we were engaged and 8 months before we were married. Although I had known him 5 and a half year by the time we married. We were best friends. We were 12 and 13 when we met :)
10.Do you have any phobias?
Several.... I am afraid of the dark. I have a fear of something happening to my kids.... I am over protective.
11.What is your favorite number and why?
18..... It it the date my oldest daughter was born.... Also if you take my second daughter's birthdate and minus out my youngest birthdate it is 18.... plus if you add them all together and divide them by 3 it is 18. Sorry I like math :)

I'm tagging:

Questions for them to answer:
1. What was your motivation to start blogging?
2. What is your favorite childhood memory?
3. What is the best present you have ever given and ever received?
4. What is your favorite feature/quality about yourself?
5. If you could have just one wish, what would it be and why?
6. What is your favorite movie and why?
7. How long have you known your spouse (if married)? If not married, what qualities will you look for in your spouse?
8. If you could only have one electronic device (remember most things are electronic nowadays), what would it be and why?
9. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
10. If you had all the money in the world for just one day, what would you do with it and why?
11. If you could turn back time and change one thing, would you and what?

Have fun friends! I cannot wait to read your answers.... If you do not want to answers the why part... no worries :)

Misc Jan Pics and Kevin's Birthday

 Kevin decided to take some random pics.... do not ask me why....

 Kevin's 30th Birthday party. We had invited a lot more people, but because Alyssa had been sick, not many people came over. Jamie and her family came and Troy and Veronica came.
Minus Emily and Ian this is what my life looks like every day.... These 6 kids are with me every day....
 lucky kids :)

 The guys were watching the Niners beat the Saints :D
 Troy thanked me for the yawn pose... I offered to retake the pic, but her covered his face with his hat!

 Yay presents.... the kids loved it :)

 Alyssa was helping daddy open his snacks :)

 This is the gift from me.... I was kinda mean and wrapped it in 3 boxes :)

 See how red his face his :)
 He got a truck :)

 How many kids can you cram in the front of his pickup?? At least 8 :)

 Cake and Ice cream!!! Whoo hoo!!

All in All it was a great day :)

Random pics and event to finish off 2011

We had a pretty good 2011, but we are hoping for an even better 2012.
We made several New Years Resolutions......
We are going to read Scriptures as a family every single day, and read the entire Book of Mormon.
We are going to strive to be Christlike in all we do.
We are going to plan a family vacation and buy a new house within the next 2 years....

She does have a bed, but she wanted to sleep in our bed. We locked the door, so this was her solution :)
Playing in the play land at Del Taco..... My big kid was torturing the kids :P 

 I think she was standing guard....

 We had a mini New Years Eve Party with some family and friends....

 What is a party without lots of food?

 The party pooper Downstairs by himself!

 Yes, he is a goof :)
Happy New Year 2 weeks late :)