Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
A family of 7 due to the blessing of adoption!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Goal for today!

Well folks.... I need help!
I have done everything I can after this... Well for now.
I have prayed, worked my hands to the bone trying to make hair bows, talked to family and friends and now you... My internet family!

We have 2 goals... Bring Andriy home... see the chip in on the top right for my friend Amanda. She only needs about $8500.00 left to go. She is getting her travel date next week (if we are lucky!)

Also, (if it is God's will) we will be able to commit to our son in 12 days!! Yes you read that right!! In 12 days our son might be "available" for us!! I am beyond excited because do you know what that means?!?!
It means that I can share a picture of his perfect little face with all of you!!!
Her is the problem (well not a problem... more of a hurdle)
We need $3,000.00 to commit to him.
That seems like a lot, so let's simplify things a little... Let's try for $100.00 today!
Just $100.00. We can do that right?!?

There is a chip in on that blog for our sweet boy.... Thank You friends for all you do!
If you cannot donate please share.... On your blog, facebook, twitter... I do not mind how you share. 
I will be forever grateful for all of my loving Internet family for your support in our journey!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A trip to the Temple

It is sad to admit that I haven't been to the temple in a LONG time. Too Long!!! 
The last several times we have tried to go, bad things happen.... A car breaks down, someone gets sick or some other challenge.
Today, with the help of my parents, we went to the Bountiful Temple (Kevin and I) together. It was the first time either of us had been to this temple. It was GORGEOUS!!! 
The spirit there was amazing!!! We took this amazing opportunity to pray about life and some decisions we are making. Peace we both felt extreme peace!! 
I honestly don't know if I have ever felt peace that over powering before. I loved it!!

 We were looking for a spot to park and found this sign on a mail box across the street. We did park in front of his house, and he was there to greet us when we got in our car. He was sitting on his porch swing staring at the amazing view (the temple all lit up at night). What a nice man!

I can't wait to visit many more temples in the near future!! If you are in the Utah area and have a favorite.. please share! Hey, maybe we can go there together :)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Families can be together FOREVER

Brittany brought this home from church on Sunday.
It is too cute not to share.
It says My family can be together forever.
Below it they made a chain that has their family members names on them.
They taught them that going to the Temple bonds us together.
I LOVE this!!!!!

P.S. I cannot wait to add one more name to our chain. It will be so awesome taking our family through the temple! (We were sealed before our kids were born, so this will give us a very unique experience)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fishes and Loaves

Across the ocean there is a sweet little boy named Andriy who has been waiting for a family. This little boy has such a sweet & happy spirit, you can see it in his face in the video on his momma's blog here. (

His momma Amanda is leaving soon (I believe first part of October) and they are still short funds. I pray if you have any you can donate please donate, help this momma get to her son. A friend started this for her and asked those with blogs to spread the word.

I'm taking down my chipin and putting one up for Amanda. No donation is to small, just as Jesus used the loaves & fish to feed a multitude, he can multiply each donation. Reach down in your heart and be a part of this blessing!

Every donation goes straight to Andriy's Reece's Rainbow account and every donation is tax deductible. Your name will also be put in the hat for a Kindle, a Nook, an iPad2, along with a few other prizes.

$10 equals 1 chance.
$50 equals 30 chances (WHAT?!? that's crazy math)
$100 equals 75 chances.

Thank you for multiplying these fishes and loaves.

Hair bows and a garage sale

I stayed up until 1 a.m. to make flowers / hair bows for our yard sale.
I made over 40 tonight and I didn't start until around 9 p.m.
My goals was to have 100 bows made by tomorrow, but I ran out of clips :(
I have 78 total clips up for sale.... I have some that are just for my kids, so I have made over 100 :)
Here are some of the clips I have made (I had my dad cutting ribbons and my mom putting them in groups :)

 This is just some of our other garage sale stuff....

I hope we make a good amount of money because I have figured that I will have to make over 6000 hair bows to sale if I am going to raise enough money to buy our house (down payment) and bring our son home :)

Wish me luck ;)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

A goal or goals for the day

I made a goal early this morning... a goal to do something different today.

My first goal was to clean my entire house... top to bottom, scrubbing toilets, tubs, sinks, floors, cleaning toys, making beds, vacuuming, doing dishes, doing laundry and everything else in between.

I gave myself 2 days... today and tomorrow.

I was told this is impossible!!


If this is impossible, then my next goal must seem absurd. 

My 2nd goal of the day is to raise $1000.00 for my friend Amanda's adoption.... With the 10 whole followers I have here it does seem absurd. Add to that my 1919 FB friends and friends of these 10 and friends of those 1919.... It starts to seem a little easier doesn't it?!?!

The first goal... I must accomplish on my own.... I am already exhausted, but I have not stopped other than to be a mom.... make breakfast and lunch.... Take my 1st grader to school, take my kindergartener to school, volunteer in my 1st graders classroom, do homework, take my 2 year old potty (10 or more times) and give a little TLC..... 

The reason I made these 2 goals is simple.... To show people that the hands of many can make anything possible while the hands of one the work load seems unbearable. 

Do you wanna know the sad part?!?! I am going to win this little experiment.... my house will be completely clean and I will be miserable about it :( 

You see.... I said that I would personally donate between $50 to $100 dollars if you (MY amazing friends) could raise $1000.00 before I could get my house clean.... With 1919 FB friends do you know how much that is per person?!?! 52 cents... yes folks only 52 measly cents.... You can find that in your purse, couch or car.... I know times are hard for everyone right now....

If you can't donate then please share!!!

I have many entries into her drawing for an IPAD 2....

I will give you one of my entries if you share this on your blog... another if you share it on FB..... another if you donate..... Please help me achieve something that I was told is impossible..... 


Please donate via her orange chip in button on the top right of her blog....

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My other blog

Hello friends,
As many of you may already know, My family plans to adopt a son in the near future.
I have another blog that will be dedicated to my adoption journey. I would LOVE for you all to follow me over there as well...
I have some home made items for sale to help raise funds for adopting.
Right now I am using the profits to support a friend who should be traveling to get her son in less than a month.
I understand that some people may not be able to "donate". Would you be willing to open your heart and share my story. I don't only need the help raising the "ransom" for my child, but I need your love, prayers and support.

Thanks a ton,
Jaclyn (current mom to 3 here and 1 across the ocean)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Potty Training Success Day!!

We have been potty training Alyssa for 11 days now. She went to the bathroom in the "big girl potty"for the very first time 10 days ago. She has gradually gotten better each day.
We decided to try the no pull ups or diaper method (even a bed time, nap and in the car).
We have done many loads of laundry (mostly consisting of soaking wet panties), but we were happy to see progress. On the plus side she always woke up dry in the mornings and at nap (except 1 time at nap). 
Today was the BIG day!! She didn't have any accidents (unless you count banging on the bathroom door for someone to open it and peeing a little in her undies- which happened only once).
Her reward.... a sleep over in her sisters' room. She has been trying to sleep in there for weeks, so I told her that if she stayed dry for an entire day, she could sleep in there.
I can't believe she is doing so well already... It took my older 2 almost a year to be completely done with pull-ups. I am a true believe in the "no crutches" method!!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Friends, food and fun

Kevin's work was having a huge work party at Lagoon. We invited some dear friends to join us. We were thrilled when they decided to come along... Nobody was more excited than Brittany!
This was the scene when Britt saw her sweet friend.
 They are both very shy... Britt has come out of her shell a little more than her sweet friend.
 This just melts my heart!
 Our older girls are friends too! 
 The dads!
 The defiant ones!

 Too cute not to grab a ton of pictures of!
 Crazy people that would go on a water ride when it wasn't even hot out ;)

 More cuteness....
 Alyssa just loved this little man. She would not leave him alone. At one point she tapped his shoulder and said "he like me." Too cute!
 Kait made me take this picture of a butterfly.
 Poppy and a band of followers as usual.
 Friendship like no other......
 These are the moments..... hang onto these moments...

 Awww little sis wants a friend too.
 They all wanted to sit on the "old style bench."

 More water rides.... crazy people!

 This little man found himself a dragon fly.

 If there is a bug around, my kids come running....
 This sweet girl caught the dragon fly.
 Then her and kait fought over who would get to hold it.... Strange how much they have in common.
 Kait got a turn....
 A band playing for the work party while we ate.... bbq ribs, hambugers, hot dogs, chips, potato salad, macaroni sald, and all the fountain drinks you wanted.
 Of course there had to be ice cream too!

 When you are 2 and potty training, this becomes the best ride in the park :)
 Poppy and Grandma with little Emily sneaking in.
 Craziness surrounds me!
 This poor little man has not been feeling well since he got a bad bump on his head.... Let's just say that I hope he doesn't plan on climbing up any more dressers.... especially ones with heavy tvs on them.
 This is a face of someone who was caught red handed...
 My hubby and me :)

 I love this picture!!!
WE had an awesome time with some awesome people.... 
Now, I just have to plan the next time we can all get together!