Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
A family of 7 due to the blessing of adoption!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Trunk or Treat

We had a much needed night of fun and family.
No doctors. No sickness. Just good times.

Adam makes a super cute police man :)
 Matthias was Captain America but did not love the mask. He looks pretty awesome huh?
 Brittany looks pretty even as a vampire.
 Awww my little Alyssa Princess
 My beautiful Kaitlyn vampire
 Our church had a chili cook off, a couple games and "trunk or treating" for the kids. 
Trunk or treating is a safe way for kids to trick or treat all in our church parking lot :)
Kait in a doughnut eating competition

 Kaitlyn fishing
 Alyssa fishing
 Brittany fishing

 Kaitlyn trying to help Matthias fish :)
 He liked the fishing prize though :)
 They had it so the kids could color the table cloth..... Here is some of Kaitlyn's coloring

 Kevin says I complain that I am never in the pictures so he snapped one so he could plead innocence ;)
 Brittany and Alyssa in a doughnut eating competition
 Brittany won..... Do not ask me how she bends her neck that way

 All 5 of my amazing kiddos

 I think I may have given Matthias a weapon by accident LOL

 So daddy attached it to the rings on the stroller so he could not use it to hit

 Just because I thought this candy was cool.... an ear :) FYI it was yummy too

Tonight was probably one of the best nights as a family. No fits, lots of thank yous etc.
I am definitely feeling the love and prayers offered on behalf of our family and I am thankful.

The kids have 2 more nights of Halloween ahead. One with each set of cousins and they are super excited!!
Thanks Grandma and Poppy for our super cute costumes!!

Quick Adam update: Today was the best day Adam has had post surgery. He went 6 hours between pain meds. His pulse only went up that one time, so I gave him his meds. He has barely cried. He has not needed oxygen. Today Adam almost seems like his old self.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Lots of Pictures :) Adam's surgery and more

Matthias and Adam got to meet a dog for the first time. Matthias liked it :)

 Someone is NOT afraid of the bath
 All clean :)
 Ready for surgery
 This made me laugh..... This is in the surgery waiting room bathroom
 Adam got some new hardware in his hips
 My poor little buddy

 These balls contain medicine similar to an epidural and were put in the nerves of his hips to block the pain.

 Finally holding my baby. It was not an easy task :(

 His little feet are so swollen
 Everyone keeps asking.... here is what diaper changing looks like. This hole wraps around to the back also.

 I think he looks pretty comfy..... I think this was 3 days post surgery and we were still in the hospital 
 Finally got some visitors 
 I think he liked having company

 Wagon ride :)


 They had to make his cast bigger, so they sawed it open and inserted this wedge.
As if the cast wasn't awkward enough :P
 Poppy and Grandma came to visit

 Going home... finally
 Our fun new car seat
 Someone looks excited to be home!
 Matthias loves building with anything he can find....Shoes are his favorite though.
I call this a shoe choo train
 Loving being home with my girls
 All of our new medical equipment... an oximeter

 oxygen tank and carrying bag
 Alyssa wanted a picture lol
 8 spare travel tanks 
 an oxygen machine

 This is why we need all that stuff.... oxygen saturation in the 70s
 I was sleeping on the couch to keep an eye on Adam and 2 little ones hijacked my bed
 So, I have decided that I need to make teaching Matthias the difference between boy and girl colors a priority :)
 This mask came in the mail and Matthias liked it lol
 Daddy taught Matthias to feed himself
 He did awesome
 We found a costume that will work for Adam
 Mean Daddy scared Matthias
 Poppy and Grandma took us to Chuck E Cheese. 
Matthias loved it!!!! Even though the pictures don't look like it.

 Alyssa wanted Adam to play animals with her...

Also, I am pretty sure I adopted mini Hulk.
Matthias tore his bedroom door off then hinges.
He was building against it and it made him mad so he just ripped it off the hinges.
A few weeks ago he punched my dad's cupboard door and split the wood.