Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
A family of 7 due to the blessing of adoption!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

kids, heart update and caramel apples!

Yes this post is going to be all over the place!!!
No sense in doing 3 separate posts right? :)
Today I got my heart monitor.... Yep that is a cell phone in the middle there.... I have to call them every time I have symptoms....... What a pain!

 This was taken last week but this is what my house has looked like a LOT lately....
On this day I had 8 kids.... most days it is 6.... Ages 1,2,3,5,5 and 6 
 They are teaching me the differences in boys and girls!!!
 Yes, I am that good!! They were all sitting there eating their popcorn and watching a movie :)
 Comfort food... In case you didn't know adoption is stressful and very much like pregnancy.... I get weird cravings... Like caramel apples... They are soooo yummy and the caramel is made from scratch.... Yes I am proud of that.... I hate 3 the first day! It was hard to eat just I didn't  ;)

This is my last week or so in a nut shell!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Another Heart Update

I went to the cardiologist on Wednesday. I didn't post sooner because I wanted to post about what I was thankful for..... I have so many great people and blessings in my life.... 

Anyways, I saw the cardiologist.... We don't exactly have an answers yet (for sure), but based on my echo and my 24 holter monitor (from August), my heart is in great shape.

I do have some tachycardia, but he says it is not major. He said that it isn't uncommon for women my age to have sinus tachycardia (which I guess is what he thinks it is..... I know nothing about this, so forgive me for sounding stupid).  He also said that my regurgitating valve is not a problem either. He said that the doctor who read my Echo was probably used to reading echos for much older patience..... Apparently at my age, 28, some regurgitation is normal. Also, he seems to think that the irregular heart beats I am having could be normal too..... Basically, He thinks that I may be able to just take a pill and not really have any problems..... There is also a chance that I won't even need to take any meds......

He is putting my in a holter monitor for 1 month to monitor my heart.... I should get that put on next week.... Don't worry I'll take pics :)

Please pray for me..... Heart issues scare me, so I am hoping he is right!!! (nothing major is wrong)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Today I am Thankful for....

Today I am Thankful for.......

God, and my ability to worship him freely. The ability to have faith in him which allows me to know virtues like Faith, Love, Charity and many more.... Most of which I see in people all around me <3

My family. Each member of my family brings me joy and teaches me new things each and every day. I am blessed beyond measure.

Laughter. Especially when I hear a child laugh. It brings me such joy and peace.

Adoption. I am not thankful that there is a need for adoption, but I am thankful to be a part of a community of amazing people. These fellow adoptive parents are more than just friends.... They are family.... When they have joy, I have joy. When they are sad, I am sad...... The bond that I have developed with many of these amazing women has been such a blessing in my life.

Friends. Those people around you that know when you need them even when they are far away. Their hearts break with you and are overjoyed with you.... Those that truly care where life leads you.

Food to eat. I never thought I would be so thankful for this, but my eyes have been opened.... Why many go without my stomach is always full.... I will always be thankful for each day that my kids do NOT know what it is like to go to bed hungry.

Internet. I know this seems like a silly thing to be thankful for, but without it I wouldn't have met some people that are truly a blessing in my life!!!

You. Yes you!!! For those who took the time to read to the end. For those who encourage me and support me on a regular basis. For just being you! God loves you for being you..... so do I!!

What are you thankful for??

Monday, November 21, 2011

Parent teacher conference and Awards Ceremony

The girls have finished their first term at school which meant we got to meet with their awesome teachers!!!
Kait drew this picture.... it made me smile!!! 
From left to right.... Dad, Mom, Kaitlyn, Grandma (yes she made herself taller than Grandma... she said it is because she knows she will be taller than her soon lol), Alyssa, Brittany and Poppy.
 She presented us with her grades all by herself... She was so nervous which was so cute. She did awesome. She is right on track or ahead :)
 Britt's teacher made each of her students their very own scrap book with pictures of them with their friends.
This was just one of the many pages she made :)
 This was Britt's hand print made into an apple with worms.... cute idea :)
 Her teacher also made them each one of these dolls.... She is truly an amazing teacher.... Both of my girls are lucky that way!!
 We had another medal ceremony... Kait got awards in Reading and Math.... Plus several other secondary awards :) She the grumpiest kid in the middle with her arms folded?? Yep that's my kid :)

Her she is still refusing to smile!!
 Britt liked showing her medal, but she wouldn't smile either.... Her awards were for Reading and Math also :)
 The Kindergarteners did things a little different.... They went on stage one at a time...
 She walked so fast this is the only photo I got :)

Daddy and Alyssa goofing off before Britt's ceremony :)

Helping Grandma and Poppy

The kids all wanted to help Grandma and Poppy decorate their tree and put up the village.... I snuck a few pictures, but then I went back to cleaning :)
Love the belly shirt lol.... I think she is going into a size 10 now :(

 Grandma having to untangle the pearl garland Alyssa helped with.

 This is how things turned out..... not bad if you ask me ;)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Through the Generosity of Others

We got an unexpected call this morning at around 8 am.... I was still in bed, but I was thankful to wake up and get ready!!
Some amazing people from our church.... who we do not even know (or maybe we do.... they decided to remain completely anonymous) bought a TON of groceries and household items to donate to us!
Everything in these pictures below were donated along with some money to buy some Christmas for our kids....... I haven't told anyone this yet, but hubby is out of work for the winter..... Timing everyone... Timing!!
These people were led by the Lord..... Thank You so much for your generosity.... whoever you are!!!

 Alyssa  decided to help organize things ;)
 I love the sunglasses don't you?!?

Thursday, November 17, 2011

A BAD night!!

Well Sunday night around 12:30 a.m., I was sitting on the couch watching TV with Kevin.
All of a sudden it felt like my heart was going to pound out of my chest.
I checked my pulse and it was racing and pounding extra hard.
I figured that I needed to try to get my heart to slow down. 
I got in the tub thinking that a warm bath would help me to relax (I found out later that this was a big mistake).
When I went to step into the tub my left leg was all numb and tingly. My hand was a touch tingly too.
It thought maybe I had a pinched nerve in my back so I tried stretching a little.
Nothing helped and everything just got worse.... I got sick to my stomach and started vomiting. 
By this time the panic was setting in :( I was flat out scared. I asked my husband to grab me some water.
I took an anti anxiety med they gave when they found out about my regurgitating valve.
Nothing was helping. By this time my pulse was in the 160 s and I felt like I was going to pass out.
I asked my husband to call 911. I also asked him to get my parents.
I had my dad give me a blessing to calm me down. 
Meanwhile Kevin was on the phone with the 911 dispatcher. 
They told him to have me chew (yes chew) 4 low dose asprin.
At that point it was all I had not to throw up.
Within about 10 minutes between the blessing and the asprin (about 30-40 minutes into the ordeal), I started to feel somewhat normal. I could feel my pulse slowly returning to "normal" which is still in the 80s or 90s.
My extremities were still tingly and my chest still felt tight, but slowly I was starting to feel closer to normal.
The paramedics/fire men arrived here about that time..... They immediately checked my pulse and noticed that is was fast and irregular (tachycardia). They did a o2 stats and ekg.... By the time they had me hooked to the EKG, my heart had started to regulate even more and they were unable to get record of it :(
They suggested that I get some rest and schedule an appt with a cardiologist ASAP.

After some research it appears that Tachycardia can be treated 5 ways..... medication, Catheter ablation (they stick a catheter in your heart to "damage" the area causing the rapid heart rate), A pacemaker, Implantable cardioverter-deribrillator, or open heart surgery.

Praying that it will be an easy fix... like the meds... Heart surgery of any kind scares me to death!!
Got an appt for Wednesday of next week..... Also had another "incident" tonight :(

Monday, November 14, 2011

Visiting with Santa

We got to go and see Santa at the mall, and guess what?!? They were nice enough to let us take our own pictures, so we didn't have to pay for theirs.
Alyssa did better than I thought she would...
 She stayed there for a minute :)
 She wants a babydoll.
 Britt was the biggest fighter... This was the only pic we got.... She wants a Dolly.
 Kait did the best which completely shocked me!! She had a nice long conversation....
 She wants a family of animals :) Always Family oriented.
 Had to beg her to look at me ;)
I love my girls!! Wish my boy were here :(

Champion Dinner

Our girls were invited to a champion dinner for always being in school and on time ready to learn!
I am always proud of my girls because they are so smart!

Here are our Champions... Kait is sad because Alyssa bit her :(

 Brittany loving her turkey dinner!

 Kaitlyn finally happy.... making a turkey and potato sandwich.

 I had to prove I was there :)
 They are right! I am proud!!
On a side note, I am a little discouraged. Our schools have eliminated help for our special needs children who are considered high functioning, but they can afford to feed the entire family of over half the kids at the school.
Sorry but I am a little confused.... How is this more important?!?
We had a great time though!