Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
A family of 7 due to the blessing of adoption!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Dad's 60th Birthday Party

Mom and I decided to plan a surprise party for dad for his 60th birthday. For weeks, we were making excuses to get together to plan, shop and organize..... Dad was getting a little frustrated and we thought it was hilarious. Finally, Saturday arrived and it was party day. After a brunch with family, Peggy, mom and I came back to my house to finish getting ready..... 4 hours later and this is what we came up with.....

 My mom made those 3 scrap books in the front.... One about church, one about his military career and one about his family life.
 She also gathered all these pictures of his family and friends. We spent about 6 hours putting this together.

 I definitely think he was surprised!
The kids were all hiding under the table LOL

 The grandkids could not wait to hug him!
Joshua, Kaitlyn, Kathryn and Kayla

 Emily, Joshua, Kaitlyn, Kayla, and Jayden

 Ian and Brittany coming for their turn
 Dylan and Kelse

 My sister Angie

 My sister Peggy and Mom

 Angie and Dennis
 Peggy (who my sister is named after), Dave, their 2 granddaughters and Rachael
 Trevor, McKenzie, Doris, Doug and Darlene
 Randy and Sandee
 Curtis, Izzy, and Meleesa


 Baelie and her daughter Jamie

 Troy and Veronica


 Alex and Kayla

 Hey look you can almost see me lol

 Present time!
 This awesome military bear plays the Air Force anthem

 Peggy and Curtis got him this  Stealth Fighter

 Kevin decided to dump cold water down Veronica's back
 Boy's fighting

 Kevin decided Peggy looked hot and dumped water down her back!

 Water fight!

 Michelle and Geoff came over to hang out :)

 My dad's kindred sister showed up.... Terra :)
I think he had a pretty great day :)

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