Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
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Monday, July 9, 2012

Life has been insane.... Moving and adoption update

Well, 3 weeks ago today we got the keys to our new place. That was a Monday, but we had a huge birthday party planned for 3 kids at our house on the 30th, so I knew we needed to get moving. We moved about 90% of our stuff to our new house on Monday with very little help. Thank You Billy, Beverly, Richard, Troy, Veronica, Mom and Dad for your help. Within 5 days we had our old house completely emptied and clean and a good portion of our new house put together. My mom, dad and Beverly were awesome and helped me a TON! The goal was to have the house completely unpacked and put together (including pictures on the wall) by the 28th. We succeed for the most part... so long as nobody looked in my bedroom or in the garage LOL

Well, on the 28th I get a phone call from DCFS. For those of you who didn't know, we are trying to foster (and possibly adopt) 3 sweet angels. We had been told that we would not be getting the children, but on the 28th that apparently had changed. They told me to have my house ready for the home study..... let me break down what this means. (Oh and did I mention I had company coming in for the party that same night)? 

Getting the house ready for a home study meant..... 
Buying 3 cribs and 2 mattresses (the kids are all under 2 years old)
Buying a new safety gate and installing 3 safety gates
buying and installing tot locks on all cupboards containing any sharp objects
Buying a gun safe to lock up Kev's guns
buying window well covers for 2 window wells in the back yard
creating an emergency action plan
locking up all medicines and chemicals..... everything (even laundry soap) 
making sure all outside chemicals including the gas in your mower are locked in an outside facility which cannot be your garage 
Having 2 first aid kits
Have 3 more car seats

I cannot think of everything right now, but it was quite a few things. Most of which involved me spending money which I didn't have much of since we just moved.

Well miracles do happen folks.... aside from a few things that are fairly inexpensive we are mostly ready to go which is a good thing because we could get a phone call tomorrow saying that our home study will be on Wednesday. All 4 of the kids rooms were clean when we put them to bed tonight. Plus I will have a few loads of laundry to fold tomorrow and only 1 or 2 loads to do :) 

I had an appointment with a permanency specialist today, and it went great. We discussed a lot of things that sounded like we will have all the help we need to transition these sweet kids into our home smoothly. 

My kids are really excited to have new siblings, but they are a little scared and nervous too. I think that is normal.... especially from the current baby of the family. It was hard for my older 2 to add one sister to the group, but to add 2 sisters and a brother.... well that could be a touch overwhelming for such young kids.

I have said for a long time now that I want a lot of kids and I want them close together.... Well 6 kids in 7 years will do the trick.... My hubby will finally get his boy, but they will be way outnumbered LOL

Here are some pictures of a few of the projects we have been working on the past few days :)

This is the babies crib in our room.... Yes, I know I will need to move all that stuff off my headboard.
 The twins room... Boy bed on left girl bed on right
 The girl side of the room.... her bed is princess
 The boy side of the room... his bed is teddy bears
 Tops of the main stairs
 bottom of the main stairs
 top of the stair leading to our family room
We are starting to feel excited and much less stressed now that things are almost done :)
With any luck they could be here in a week or 2 :D

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  1. oh my gosh!! good luck with everything you have going on! and thank you for your example.