Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
A family of 7 due to the blessing of adoption!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Wanting Them!

Let me start by telling you that I love my Children!!!!
All 5 of them!!!
My 3 beautiful princesses that God blessed me with through birth...
 And my 2 handsome Princes that God is blessing us with through Adoption
 Adam is above and we are still thinking of a name for our handsome man below
This process of adding to our family is an emotional roller coaster like I can never describe.
I have felt every emotion in the book......
Joy when I look at their beautiful faces.
Sadness when I remember that they are thousands of miles away.
Frustration when I have no control over how fast other people work on their behalf.
Anger that they are so tiny, mistreated and unloved.
Fear when I remember that I still need $9000 to bring them home.
Peace when I remember God has control over this.
Anxiety when I do things that are completely out of my comfort zone....
I hate flying, I have never left the Country, I do not even like to travel a few hours away.....
Faith as I learn to trust My Father in Heaven more than I knew I could.
Shame when I realize how long I was ignorant to these innocent children.
Tired... literally because I stay awake all night thinking about what fundraiser I can do next, worrying about what my Boys are doing, dreaming of life when we are all together.
Disappointed when I share and people think I am lying.
Pride in my girls as they show how much I have taught them in the way of giving and being accepting of others no matter how different they may be.
Honored to be called Mom by 3 and soon 5 amazing children

The strongest emotion I feel is LOVE!!
I LOVE these kids. 
They are my life.
Love of Christ for allowing me to be on this journey and trusting me to follow through.
Love of those who support us in prayer, kind word, donation or any way they can!
Love for all the children.
Yes, ALL of them!!

I watched a movie tonight called October Baby.
It was a little slow at first and I almost wanted to turn it off.
I am so thankful I did not....
I turned out to be an awesome movie.

This is kinda like how people feel about these orphans.
Just seeing them... a picture with a list of needs or even meeting them for 15-20 minutes...
They say, they are not going to be any good. Just leave them and save a child worth saving...
BUT if you give them time, you will be thankful because they will turn out to be 
Awesome Children!!!
If you are lucky, they can be yours!!!

The last line of the movie was said by a child who was adopted....
Left by her birth mom.... UNWANTED!
She turned to her dad and said "Thanks for wanting me."
That one line says a lot!!

I pray one day my kids will look at their lives and know I wanted them.... All of them!!!


  1. This is a great post! Very well put for so many of us who are on this emotional roller coaster called adoption.

  2. He looks like a Lucas to me. I miss you!

  3. That's one of my favorite movies! Praying for the funds to come in!!!!