Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
A family of 7 due to the blessing of adoption!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Trunk or Treat

We had a much needed night of fun and family.
No doctors. No sickness. Just good times.

Adam makes a super cute police man :)
 Matthias was Captain America but did not love the mask. He looks pretty awesome huh?
 Brittany looks pretty even as a vampire.
 Awww my little Alyssa Princess
 My beautiful Kaitlyn vampire
 Our church had a chili cook off, a couple games and "trunk or treating" for the kids. 
Trunk or treating is a safe way for kids to trick or treat all in our church parking lot :)
Kait in a doughnut eating competition

 Kaitlyn fishing
 Alyssa fishing
 Brittany fishing

 Kaitlyn trying to help Matthias fish :)
 He liked the fishing prize though :)
 They had it so the kids could color the table cloth..... Here is some of Kaitlyn's coloring

 Kevin says I complain that I am never in the pictures so he snapped one so he could plead innocence ;)
 Brittany and Alyssa in a doughnut eating competition
 Brittany won..... Do not ask me how she bends her neck that way

 All 5 of my amazing kiddos

 I think I may have given Matthias a weapon by accident LOL

 So daddy attached it to the rings on the stroller so he could not use it to hit

 Just because I thought this candy was cool.... an ear :) FYI it was yummy too

Tonight was probably one of the best nights as a family. No fits, lots of thank yous etc.
I am definitely feeling the love and prayers offered on behalf of our family and I am thankful.

The kids have 2 more nights of Halloween ahead. One with each set of cousins and they are super excited!!
Thanks Grandma and Poppy for our super cute costumes!!

Quick Adam update: Today was the best day Adam has had post surgery. He went 6 hours between pain meds. His pulse only went up that one time, so I gave him his meds. He has barely cried. He has not needed oxygen. Today Adam almost seems like his old self.

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