Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
A family of 7 due to the blessing of adoption!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Medical Madness

It seems the last few months have been filled with tons and tons of medical stuff.
Since we are a loving family and like to share in all things, we did not limit all the medical to just the boys.
Honestly what fun would that be?

We arrived home with the boys on August 10th..... 10 weeks ago today.
What would be a reasonable number of appointment, illnesses, hospitalizations, surgeries, sedations etc??
Whatever number you cam up with.... I am sure we have far exceeded it.

On August 12th both boys had a check up with our primary care doctor. Adam had a double ear infection
August 13 Adam saw his neurologist
August 13 Kaitlyn saw the doctor for a broken arm and got a splint
August 16 Kaitlyn saw the doctor to get her cast on
August 16 Brittany saw the Dr for Strep throat
Ok I cannot keep up on all the dates, but I will try to keep them in order....
Adam and Matthias see the dentist
Matthias and I go in for strep
Adam goes to the ER for possible shunt malfunction
Adam goes in for a 2 week follow up for his ears
Adam meets with a comprehensive care team of 4 doctors!!
Adam has a sedated MRI on his head
Adam sees the neurosurgeon
Adam sees the orthopedic surgeon
Adam gets casted for DAFOs
Matthias has a sedated ABR
Adam has a feeding study
Adam picks up his DAFOs
Kaitlyn goes to the Doctor to get her cast off
Adam has a seizure and gets taken to the ER
Adam rides in an ambulance for a hospital transfer
Adam returns to the ER 2 days later for high fever of unknown source
Adam stays in the hospital for 5 days
Adam gets measured for his wheel chair
Adam has an MRI on his spine
Adam gets to pick up his hensinger collar
Kevin gets injured while we were moving and takes a trip to the ER
Kevin goes to our primary care doc
Kevin gets referred to a pain management doc
Kevin has an MRI on his spine
Kevin gets spinal shot
Kevin sees a PT
Adam has dental surgery
Kevin sees PT
Kevin gets flu following flu shot
Adam sees opthamolgy
Adam has double hip surgery
Adam has a 5 day hospital stay
Alyssa goes to quick care for an infection in her lip and thumb

So 10 weeks.....
over 30 doctors appts
3 sedated tests 2 MRIs and an ABR
a non sedated MRI
4 ER trips
2 hospitals stays
2 surgeries
2 casts

That is a LOT in 10 weeks
I should also mention  that in that 10 weeks we also moved!

We discovered a LOT though..... some things we knew and many we did not

We found out Adam had double hip displasia which got him this awesome cast following surgery
All but 4 of Adam's teeth were bad
Adam is completely blind in his left eye and more than double legally blind in his right
Adam's shunt is working, but there is still a lot of fluid due to the size of his head.
Adam may not have CP but at this time the diagnosis of Quad spastic CP stands.
Adam has dysphasia... swallowing difficulty
I'm sure there is much more, but I think that is plenty.

Matthias is completely deaf. We will be trying hearing aides, but doctors doubt they will help. Cochlear implants may be an option in the future.

Adam just got released from the hospital with a Spica cast for 6-8 weeks.
He is on a pulse-ox machine to determine if he maintains his oxygen saturation.
We have an oxygen machine, 9 oxygen tanks and tons of other medical supplies here now.
We have a temporary wheel chair and will order his permanent one when he gets his cast off.

There is a LOT going on in our family right now and we would appreciate prayers.
I know many people who have adopted and nobody has a story quite like ours ;)


  1. Praying Jaclyn. I thank God that we each have our own stories. Hang in there. Shoot for the day you can say everyone is stable! It's a good goal. It may takes months or years but you'll get there eventually, more or less!

  2. That is incredible, Jaclyn! You may not feel like it right now, but you are one amazing mama and deserve a medal of honor!