Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Kids curiosity

So the other day Brittany told Kevin that she never wanted to have kids. I was present when the conversation happened, but according to Kevin the conversation went something like this.
Brittany: Dad I never want to have kids
Kevin: Why?
B: Because I do not want them to have to cut my tummy open to get them out.
K: That is not the only way a baby comes out. That is just how mommy had to have you girls because of her broken back.
B: Well then what is the other way
K: I'll tell you when you are 16
B: Why do I have to wait that long?
K: Because

She is only 5 but she asks some pretty deep questions LOL

Today we had another amusing conversation while in the car (which meant I couldn't run and hide) between Kaitlyn (K), Brittany (B) and Me (M)
Let me give you a little background.... we have a neighbor that lives around the corner that is always outside doing yard work or whatever in some short shorts (it looks like a swim suit to me) and no shirt. Maybe if he was even a little handsome I wouldn't mind, but he is not. I do not enjoy looking at his over tanned flab hanging down.

B: Look at that boy he doesn't have any clothes on he is showing his boobies
K: Well boys don't have to wear shirts like girls do. In fact some boys that look good get married by not wearing any shirt because people think they are sexy.
B: Boys don't have to wear shirts because they have pe-nicks
M: Brittany what did you say?
M: I am not mad I just wondered what you said
M: Did you say boys have a penis?
B: no, what's a penis? I said boys have a pe-nicks you know instead of boobs
B: Ya Pecks
M: Oh ok

I love the conversations we have.... They do not know it now, but they are helping to open our lines of communication so we can talk openly about things later!

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