Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
A family of 7 due to the blessing of adoption!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

We have had a great Mother's Day this year. We went to dinner at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants on Friday. We celebrated Alyssa's birthday at Chuck E Cheese on Saturday and I actually got a nice nap on Sunday.
We gave my mom her present at Chuck E Cheese last night. This was her first Mother's Day since she lost her mom.....

 We got her this necklace that says All that I am or ever hope to be....
 .....I owe to my angel Mother. I thought it was perfect for her :)
 This morning the kids woke me up and showered me with loves and gifts.....
Then they put a show on for us. They dressed up in these cute outfits and sang and danced....
Brittany sang the first verse of I love to see the Temples and Kaitlyn sang the second.
It was adorable!!

 Brittany made me this special flower pot for me in school.
I has a picture of us and says Mom, My love blooms for you.

 she decorated the bag she gave me too. It says thanks for being my mom

 Kaitlyn made this bag for me. It says Happy Mother's day mom I love you so much. Mothers are the best. To mommy from Kaitlyn

 She made me this lemon sugar scrub
 They bought me some new summer time shoes :)
 A nice new pan
 Plus my honey got me this ring.
 These flowers are from my parents and my kids.

I was pretty spoiled this Mother's Day.