Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Crazy things kids do and say

Monday night around midnight

So, I baked the cake then ate some of the batter.... My girls come out of their room with Brittany in the lead saying come on, I am following my smell. Then they look up at me and ask if I made brownies. I wanted to be mad at them for still being awake, but they are so cute!!

Yesterday during lunch

So I was eating some chips and Alyssa said something. I didn't hear her so I asked her what she said. She responds "I need some on my plate. Duuuuhhh!" I asked her what she just said to me and she said innocently "I need chips."

Right after lunch

Kait and Britt were playing nicely in the bedroom. I turned on the tv for Alyssa and laid her down on the couch (hoping she will fall asleep). I hear Kait, from the room, tell Britt that she is going to go get a drink. Kait comes out and I jokingly tell her she can't have a drink. She tells me "I just said that so I could watch tv. Brittany wouldn't let me go." All of a sudden we hear Britt from the room. "I heard that." Then hysterical crying..... Britt is so tired too!!

Just a few minutes ago

So, I go into my kids room and Alyssa is laying a a laundry basket filled with pillows and Brittany is covering her with a blanket. I told Alyssa to get out of the basket and took it out of the room with me telling my kids to go to sleep. I put the basket on the couch. Kait comes out to hand me something and as she is walking back to her room tries to grab the basket. Of course I see her and tell her no. Brittany immediately says "That was our chance Kaitlyn. why did you put it down? Were you afraid she is going to beat your butt? Don't worry she is never going to beat you." I had to respond "This is not a great day to test that theory."

My kids are sure funny this week, but they are also making me crazy. They are very anxious about moving!

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