Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
A family of 7 due to the blessing of adoption!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Please help a friend

My sweet friend is so close to her son.... So close after watching others pass her up in the process. After watching others adopt 4 children during 2 separate trip. After having several children made unavailable to her for one reason or another. Now, she stresses over something WE can finally help with. Getting fully funded!
She can travel any time now. If you have adopted or know anybody that has, you do not get much notice some times. We need her fully funded right away. Please help..... Check out her awesome giveaway.
(I will post below)

Also, I am offering up an item for those willing to spread the word. You will get an entry into a drawing for this....

A beautiful Scentsy plug in warmer and a scent bar of your choice from those I have available.

Please comment below if you have shared and a link that I can see it. Let's plaster the blog and FB world with her FSP and spread the word!!!!!

All That I Have

I wish I had another IPad, Wii, GPS, Kindle, or any of those other fancy things I have offered my other giveaways, but I don't. 

This is like the underdog giveaway. So many families, so many giveaways, so many kids. 

I give you all that I have left. 

All of these items were donated by friends and family. 

$6,564 for one boy and for one family.

I am not sure of the value of any of these items. They were all donated with love so to me they are priceless. I will just draw in number order when the time comes, which will hopefully be soon, when we are fully funded. 

$5- 1 chance
$10- 3 chances
$25-10 chances
$50- 30 chances
$100-80 chances

If you share the giveaway, leave a comment here, and I will give you one free entry. 
1. Faith Necklace

 2. Chocolate Kate Spade purse

3. Burgundy Coach purse

4. Giraffe print Kate Spade purse
(don't you just love my new purple bracelet "K" made for me)

5. Tupperware set
(In the bags are 4 fluted glasses and a spatula)

6. Winter Scrapbook Set

7. Summer Scrapbook Set

I just wanted to let you know I am not going to ask to see who entered (FSP with Reece's Rainbow) till it it time to draw for names. So if you donate. I thank you!!! I just won't know it till time to choose names. I will use to decide the winners. 

Their FSP/Grant donation box is on the top right!! 

I hope to add her FSP to my blog soon, but in the meantime please visit her blog to donate All donations are tax deductible!

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  1. Shared on FB! Hoping it will help Pryce AND Adam!