Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
A family of 7 due to the blessing of adoption!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Waiting and Praying

As many of you know, we got the famous signature of the MOJ last Thursday.
This was the last thing we were waiting on before we could travel.
We hope and pray that we get travel dates TOMORROW!!!!!!
I am getting so excited to finally hold my boys in my arms.
Sweet Adam,
Am I prepared to hold your tiny body in my arms all week then walk away knowing that I have to leave you in that dreaded place for several more months while we wait on court. Your tiny 16 pound body at nearly 6 years of age makes me shudder. How can someone look at your adorable face and not care for you the way God intended. do not worry my son. Mommy is coming. Daddy is very sad. He has been crying. He has been dreaming of holding you for 7 months now. Sadly, he cannot come with me. We just do not have the money and daddy has to stay behind so we can make more money. He wants me to tell you that he loves you so much and that he is going to come and bring you home as soon as possible. Once you are home, you will never go hungry again. Mommy and daddy will make sure you have everything you need to live a happy and healthy life. See you soon sweet boy.
Love, Mom

P.S. I want you to know just how many people are praying for you. Sooo many people have donated money to bring you home forever.

Handsome Matthias, (Alvin on RR)
I cannot wait to see how much progress you have made since being transferred to a group home just a few months ago. Are you walking on your own now? Have you learned to say any words? Will you run to me or run from me? I do not know. I have only one picture and 1 page of info about you, but I know in my heart that you are my son. Daddy and I are excited to get you home. We are so thankful that you were sent to a group home and not an institution like most kids your age. I am sorry you spent another birthday alone, but we will make up for it when you have your birthday here. We will celebrate your birth and all the years we missed. Sorry it took us so long to find you, but it won't be long now. Daddy cannot come love on you in a few weeks, but mommy will be there. I hope you let me hug you. I hope you can feel love. I cannot wait to show you all the fun toys daddy and your sisters picked out for you to play with. I will be there soon sweet boy. I cannot wait to learn all about you.
Love, Mom

P.S. So many people here love you. I think there are enough people here that I bet you will be so spoiled when you get home. Mommy and Daddy get our chance first though :)

For those of you reading here are some pictures of the boys... Sadly I only have one picture of Matthias, but that should change soon!!!

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