Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
A family of 7 due to the blessing of adoption!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Matthias 7th Birthday

Exactly 1 year ago today on Matthias' 6th Birthday, Kevin and I sent in papers to official commit to being his parents. We did not know it was his birthday, but we knew it was a special day.
It was the day we became his parents. What a blessing that it was also his birthday!!!
All we had to go on was this picture and less than 1 page of information....
The information we had on him said things like.... "delayed regarding his motor development" "He is delayed in his mental and neuropsychic development" "He turns upon sound signal and reacts with wobbling and smile, when he feels like singing." "The gentle speech of an adult and a smile cause a complex anxiety reaction in him." "He pronounces separate sounds as an expression of emotion." "He reacts to sound signals, performs eye contact upon communication, his mimics is limited." "he prefers solitary activities"

While a few of the things about him were true, many were not. My son is deaf. He does not respond at all to sound, he does not mimic and he does not make eye contact.

In March (29) of last year, I held my amazing son for the first time.
He looked so different than I expected, and he did not know what to think.
 See that look he is giving me? 
 The next day he seemed to show great preference to me, and even showed me some of his limited walking skills. 

 Poppy is now his favorite, but I think he knew I was Mommy.
He always had to know where I was.

 Look how handsome he is!!
 I love how he is always looking at me. 
 He puts everything in his mouth!
 I was able to feed him a few time. He likes to eat!
 Awwww love his smile!!

 He does this when he is trying to figure something out or is focused.
 He would not let me go.... he knew I was leaving :(

 Mommy missed you buddy

On August 4, 2013 We had sweet Matthias in our arms forever!!

 On August 10,2013 He was a US citizen!!
YAY I have a family :) 
 See that look on Matthias face?? I think that is what he thought about having siblings those first few days :)
He has the saddest sad face.
 He did not love the dentist even though he had perfect teeth. Poor hygienist got more then she bargained for.... he has a strong gag reflex. 
 He was sick, so mommy gave him a milk shake for dinner..... he enjoyed it. 
 This family thing is exhausting
 Matthias likes his space.
 All dressed up for Church, and he is not happy about it. 
 He likes hats, We bought this one in Bulgaria.
 I loved that he learned to snuggle!
 He is learning to copy his siblings.
 First Hair cut!!
 First time playing with a balloon.
 Happy boy
So handsome!!
 My first Halloween.
 Halloween with Cousins!
 Opening a present at a family party.
 Seeing Temple Square with family.

 Seeing Santa with family

 Love my boy

 My family :)
 I think I am liking this family thing.
Baking with Grandma
 Some of what Santa brought me
 My first Christmas

 2 of my favorite things.... Using Aunt Veronica as a Jungle Gym
 and Boxes

Matthias has already changed sooo much since he has been home. 
When he first arrived home, he would not make any eye contact at all.
He now makes some eye contact.
When he first arrived home, he spent most of his time alone.
Now, he often seeks us out and will reach up for hugs and loves.
When we first got home, he would not play with toys appropriately. 
Now, he often plays with toys more like they are meant to be played with.
When we first got home, he would reach out for anyone and everyone.
Now, he shows a preference to those he knows.

Matthias, There were many things I did not know about you when I knew I wanted to be your mommy.
I did not know that you would not hear my voice, but I love you too much to care.
I did not know that I could love you so much, yet I love you more each day.
I did not know that you would not be able to chew, or walk, or talk or many other things, but none of that matters. 

I am sad that I missed over 6 years of your life, but I promise to make your future the best I can.
You have made my past year better, and I hope that I have made your first 5 months home the best 5 months of your life so far. I love you!!!

P.S. His birthday is tomorrow, but we may be busy celebrating :)

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  1. I'm so glad to read that Matthias is making good progress. Happy Birthday! May all of your birthday wishes come true!