Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
A family of 7 due to the blessing of adoption!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Matthias' Party

When Matthias was home for just a few months, we went to Chuck E Cheese during a slow time as a family.
Matthias was barely walking on his own at that point, but when he saw all the lights and cars, he took of walking to get to them. Out of all the places we had been, he responded best to Chuck E Cheese, so we decided to have a party there.
Don't mind the pictures being blurry.... There were lots of lights and reflections :(

 Kevin's dad tied that on him LOL

 He really does enjoy the rides, but he does not look like it ;)

 OOPS!!! He remembered getting to eat the cake with his hands on his actual birthday. As soon as he saw the cake, he grabbed it.
 Mom, I am innocent :)
 I am gonna get that cake!!

 Look, I was there and there is proof ;)
 Adam looks so grown with his glasses and his chair.

 Kelse made a bad choice and put icing on Kevin's face
 Kevin won hehe

 My aunt Darlene (who I am proudly named after, who is a great example, and who has adopted 4 kids) wanted Adam to enjoy the cake too. She sat with him for a long time and fed him tiny bites :)

 Awww they made up after their cake fight 
 I swear he knew who each gift was from because after he opened each gift, he went right to the person who got it for him. Aunt Veronica always buys him soft things because he loves the feel of them.

 He LOVES Kait so much. As soon as she gets home from school, he will find her and sit right by her. 

 A gift from Darlene....

 Then a love for Darlene
 2 presents and he was done!!

 I opened this one for him and he seemed to like it. 

 Then he saw Poppy

 This later became his favorite gift..... once he could play with the box LOL

 Aunt Angie save me

 Maybe Silly Grandma can get him to open her present

 Loves for Daddy!!!

Gotta get the cell phone pics on here too ;)
Veronica, how did he get blue on his lips?
 The evidence on her finger....
 He thinks it is yummy and she thinks it is funny!
 The video on that screen must be awesome!!! Kebby and Matthias are both focused.
 This ride is intense ;)
 Let's go again with sisters...
 hmmm... maybe not as awesome the 2nd time ;)
 They were moving quite a bit on this ride
 Matthias got a new "ride" too.... Not nearly as expensive as Adam's though....

 He likes the door.... not sure about the car though

 He bailed in true Matthias fashion
 And played with the door ;)
 His sisters "may" have locked the door

 So, in true Matthias fashion he finds another way out!

 Then he found the box and nothing else mattered 
 So, Poppy and Alyssa helped break in some of the new toys
 Big sister "helps" put him in the box

 He loves it, but wants sister in too
 He won

 A video of us singing and attempting to sign Happy Birthday
Yes, I know, I have an amazing singing voice HAHA

Matthias and his favorite "toy"

Matthias and Brittany play "peek a boo"

Kaitlyn and Matthias play "peek a boo"

Alyssa was trying to play too

It's all fun and games until someone "almost" gets hurt

Thank you to all our family who came out to celebrate with Matthias. It was great to have those around him who he has gotten to know over the past 5 months. We are lucky to have so much love and support. 

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