Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
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Monday, May 13, 2013

A busy Mother's Day weekend

4 years ago, I had a Mother's day that would top any other. I held my tiny huge (9 lbs 3 oz) 2 day old baby in my arms still in the hospital. My hubby brought the girls up to hang out with us, my mom and dad came up, and my sister and her family came in town to visit. It was kinda like a birthday party for my girl right there in the hospital. She even got to have her first sleep over. My sister was given permission to spend the night with her son who was just 4 weeks old. They were due just 1 day apart, but her son got impatient and came 5 weeks early and for the first time, my child came 1 week early on her scheduled C- section date.
That night in the hospital with my sister and our 2 babies was one of the best nights of my life. We talked and laughed (which hurt my stomach, but was so worth it). She is truly my best friend. I am so thankful we are as close as we are.

God knew what he was doing when I had Alyssa though..... My first 2 kids were 5.5 and 4.5 weeks early.... Waiting until 39 weeks with a huge 9 lb baby who was breech felt like torture. We arrived at the hospital for my scheduled C-section, but a few emergencies came in and bumped ahead of us. Finally, we went back to the OR.
Can I just tell you that it is NEVER a good thing when a doctor cuts open your stomach and gasps..... Well it turns out that my uterus was literally torn to shreds.... The only thing keeping Alyssa and I alive was the sac of water that should have broken (it did with my other 2). The doctor told my husband and I that if my water had broken, Alyssa would have been exposed to air and then suffocated and the amount of water I had would have flooded my organs.... So thankful God was in control.
Before we knew any of this, just seconds after my child had been taken from the room, the doctor looked over the sheet and asked if he could please tie my tubes. My response was no, I want more kids!
It took 2 doctors over an hour to stitch my uterus back together.... I kept hearing things like, "it is not holding" "it keeps tearing" "should we just remove it" "have you ever seen anything like this before"
I was starting to get concerned because at this point the whole thing had not yet been explained to me.
As I was being wheeled from the OR (once they finally got me all sewed and stapled back together), they were wheeling my baby towards me. Her blood sugar was low and she needed to eat right away. They wheeled me into some nurses break room or some tiny room... not sure exactly what it was, so I could feed her. She ate like a champ and her blood sugar went up. I was so relieved. Then when I arrived in my room, the doctor came in and explained that I should not have anymore kids, but if I decided to have more children I needed to wait a minimum of 4-5 years to allow my uterus to fully heal.

Well, my Angel just turned 4 this past week, and guess what?? I am expecting.. Twins.... They are definitely not identical, but they are both 6 years old. See and that doctor said I would never have any more kids.
We celebrated Alyssa's birthday this weekend and had a lot of fun.
A very awesome friend of mine brought a card for Adam and Matthias too.
One of them has a birthday the day after Alyssa's :)
My bro and sis in law brought a balloon and gift for Alyssa on her actually birthday and surprised me the next day by bringing cupcakes and a balloon so we could celebrate my son's birthday too.
For someone who has not gone through the process, she got what I needed that day.
Just to know that other people love and care about him too. I cannot wait until he is home so he can see and feel that love.

Alyssa's birthday was fun and quite a bit of family and friends came out to support her. Some good friends even came in from Nevada and my sister and her family came in from Idaho.
Picture overload coming!!

 She there on the left?? That is my nephew and my cousin's girl. They were cracking me up. They were holding hands....
 Then he took his shirt off and they went on a ride together lol.

 Kevin was blaming the older boys for using a bucket to get the patio soaked.... He took the bucket away, so Alyssa went and grabbed the one that holds our bath toys.... I took the following pictures to show her daddy later LOL

 Cake time!!!

 See how the front of the cake is all messed up? I may have walked away and her Poppy may have taken videos of her using the stick from the candle to eat some of the cake.... Bad Poppy.
 Presents!!! She was spoiled rotten!!!!

 She was just flinging things everywhere :)

 Uncle Troy calls her Turtle and she gets so mad LOL So, we all buy her turtles.

 See that little baby?? He stayed at my house..... It reminded me of how badly I miss when my kids were little. His older brothers made me want my boys home right now!!
 Time for the big kids (men) to pick on the younger kids...

 Kait loving on her Uncle (he is one of our closest friends) Craig

 Billy took a break from picking on the kids to play some catch with some of the littles.

 All in all it was a great day that wore out birthday girl out...... she fell asleep on the kitchen floor :)

Today was a great day too. Hubby brought me some breakfast in bed (toast and milk, but hey better than nothing lol). We went to church. Then we went to Lagoon with my family. Not something we would normally do on a Sunday, but my sister was here from out of town..... you make sacrifices some times.
We left Lagoon and went to Kev's parents for dinner. They moved in Saturday :) We ate dinner then stayed until after 10pm helping them put their living room together.

We also had my cousin's wedding reception on Saturday and on Friday we went to dinner with my sister and mom. The best thing happened while we were at Dennys. A lady wished us Happy Mother's Day which got us talking. They were talking about how many kids they all had (3 each). I couldn't help it. I said "I have 5 kids ages 8,6,6,6 and 4." Her mouth dropped open and she slowly said WOW. I loved it. Made my entire day :)

I miss my boys like crazy, but I have to remember that just like Alyssa's birth, God knows what he is doing and they will be home soon :)

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