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Love Makes Families
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Thursday, May 2, 2013

A week of Birthdays.... Let's Party!!!

April and May has always been crazy busy for our family where birthdays are concerned.
I have 2 sisters and they are both born in May along with my Grandpa (Papa)
Me and both of my grandmas are in April.....
Well I now have a niece and a nephew in April as well
AND I have 2 children with May birthdays!!

So during the next 7 days we have 4 actual birthdays and a birthday party (baptism too).
Sounds like time to party right?!?!
First, my sister, and best friend, Peggy turns 34 (Yep sis I went there :P ) in just 2 days.
She is 4 years older than me which made it hard when we were growing up.
We were always at different schools, had different friends, and we just.... different.
When she started high school, she went to a magnet school.
She wanted to study acting.
I was not really into acting, singing, dancing, music or anything the school focused on, so again we would be going to different schools.
You see, I was kinda a tom boy.... A friend of mine informed me that she would be attending my sister's school for technical theater. I didn't think about the fact that with all the performances they put on that somebody had to do the lights, sound and build the sets.... I was in.
That was, to me, the year that really strengthened our relationship.
I was a freshman and she was a senior. One of her best friends went their also, so I had more than 1 "in".
We had a great year. Hung out together quite and bit and really got to know each other so much better.
Our relationship has only grown stronger since then.
We were pregnant with our 2 youngest kids at the same time.
We were due 1 (yes ONE) day apart.
It was awesome experiencing it with her.
(funny fact... I have been pregnant with both my sisters and both my sisters in law)
Her son Alex (4 weeks old) and my chunky Alyssa (1 day old)
He was just over 5 lbs (I think) and Alyssa was 9lbs 3 oz
The nurses let my sister stay in the hospital with me, so when they would come to weigh the new baby, they would look at her tiny son and my chunky daughter and get confused.... It was awesome.
One of my favorite memories of my life.

My niece's birthday was last weekend, but her party is Saturday. She just turned 8 and is getting baptized!!!
She is pretty excited. Kaitlyn and her are 9 weeks apart. They have been best buddies since before they were born. My sister (in law, but we don't use that term) and I were due 5 weeks apart, but my stubborn Kait came 5 weeks early. I cannot believe they are 8 already!!
This was 2 years ago... Kaitlyn holding Alyssa, Ian (July baby with Britt), Natahen (Also April) Emily and Britt
This past Halloween Alyssa, Kaitlyn, Ian, Brittany and Emily

On May 7th my Grandpa..... Papa will be turning 84 years old
These pictures are from the last time I saw him.
Almost 2 years ago. We are going to see him next month.
He hates his picture taken, but I did not know how much time we had left with him, so I made him take lots of pictures... he even smiles in a few. Sad thing was this camera fell off a train and into a pond.... We fished for 2 hours and luckily recovered the camera. The camera was broken, but the pictures were worth saving!!

Then in just less than a week, my baby will be 4 years old.
I cannot believe how time has flown by. It was just yesterday she was born, or so it seems.

1 year old
2 years old
 3 years old
 My 2 little birthday girls snuggling.... Emmy almost 8 Alyssa almost 4

Then just one day apart from Alyssa her brother who is 1 day shy of 2 years older than her will be turning 6!
Sadly, he will spend one more birthday in an orphanage alone and without his family to celebrate with, but I take comfort in knowing this will be the last birthday that will go un-celebrated. 
Next year baby boy, We will shower you will love on your special day and do our best, every single day, to make up for the 6 years that you celebrated alone.

I learned that your birth parents loved you very much and they wanted you. 
Although they were educated people, they did not make enough money to pay for your medical care.
They had no choice but to leave you in the orphanage. 
They visited you for a while, but it became to hard.
They knew they could not take you home, so they stopped coming.
Seeing you in pain was just too much for them to bear.
I wish I had found you sooner baby, but you will be home soon.... Forever!

If you feel led to provide a gift for one or all of my birthday stars, please help us bring our boys home. 
Every single person listed in this post wants these babies home!!
Whether it's 4, 6, 8. 34, 74 or any amount in between, we truly appreciate all the love and support...
Let's party!!

What would a party be without party favors??
Well, let's see what I have....

Donate $10 or more and I will send you one of these
 Donate $15 or more, and I will send you some Chocolate from Europe
 Donate $20 or more, and I will send you one of these (designs may vary)
Donate $50 or more and I will make you one of these

You can donate through the donation box on the top right of my blog or click on this link

Even if you cannot donate, can you write a little note to our all the birthday people especially our son and daughter!

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