Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
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Friday, November 4, 2011

A sick week for Alyssa

If this picture doesn't make you sad..... I don't know what will...... notice the tear.
I think that picture pretty much sums up how Alyssa has felt the last few days.
She woke up Wednesday night/ Thursday Morning at midnight. She has thrown up everywhere. So, I went to pick her up to put her in the bath. When I picked her up she was burning up.... Super high fever :( 
The bath was still necessary, so I tried to make it not too hot but not too cold..... After a few minutes she was shaking soooo bad. I grabbed her out of there and she had some snuggle time with daddy. She would not take any meds to get her fever down :( We finally tricked her by putting it in my mom's pepsi.
At around 2 am this mom headed up for bed knowing that I would be woken up by my other 2 angels in about 4-5 hours....... Poppy and Grandma sat up with Alyssa.... She did not go back to bed until after 7 am :(

I took her to the doctor Thursday night at 8:40. They said she had an ear infection and a sore throat. I mentioned that she usually gets croup this time of year, and they told me to come back if she got it. They sent us on our way with some antibiotics and some meds for our breathing machine....
She refused the meds despite the best efforts of 4 adults.....

She went to bed around 11:30 p.m. which I was thankful for because I was exhausted.... Around 2 am, I knew..... I heard the barking coming from the other room. Since we don't have a dog, I knew the barky croup cough had made it's appearance. She was miserable ALL day. She wouldn't take her meds, wouldn't eat, wouldn't drink.... All she did was cry and drool :(

At 5:40 p.m. we went back to the doctor.... After much debate they decided to give her 3 shots...... 1 steroid and 2 antibiotics.... Since she has a tricky blood disorder, they do not like to play around with her being sick!
The picture above was taken after 2 nurses came in and gave her 2 shots at the same time....
She kept saying that was not nice, they gave me 2 at a time. She NEVER cries for shots. I think the tears were because they ganged up on her :)

Please pray she will be better soon.... Croup and RSV are our worst enemies this time of year.... This is her 8th (I think) time with croup and she has had RSV 4 times (I think.... it becomes hard to keep track)


  1. Oh, that is the saddest little face. Sending late prayers. I so hope she is feeling better by now. Evie and Dani came down with the stomach bug last night, but I think it's just the 24 hour flu that has been plaguing us again and again.

  2. That is so sad! I hope she feels better soon. We have trouble with croup and RSV here too. My little Curly has asthma and that just makes it worse.