Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
A family of 7 due to the blessing of adoption!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Decorating For Christmas!

Yes... I said Decorating for Christmas.... My husband is Crazy!!
I wanted this to be the first picture because for me this is what Christmas is all about :)
Followed by some of my blessings... Alyssa thought since my mom called them "socks" she should put them on her feet... Afterall that is where socks go :) She is also sporting a Santa hat I made in high school :)

 Brittany noticed we were laughing at Alyssa and wanted to get in on the fun :)

 Kaitlyn never to be outdone had to start acting silly..... 

 Brittany wanted to be an over achiever and was in my face begging for me to take more pictures!

 We were reading Yes, Virginia there is a Santa Claus (one of my favorite books)

 Meanwhile Daddy was working.... He is the Christmas lover in our home... We all love Christmas, but he LOVESSSS it!!!!
 Poppy just laughing at all the girls!
Meanwhile Grandma is sneaking in extra snuggles :)

 All of our stockings hung by the Chimney with care!
                           Before                                                                     After
 Not really any great pics because it was after bedtime and they were acting up quite a bit, but I think they are gorgeous anyways.... Also The girls always choose their own PJs so I do not take any responsibility for that part :) 

 All in all it was a great time spent loving and laughing.... Only one thing could have made it better.... If my entire family could be here for Christmas this year. Hoping to have our boy home before we decorate next year. All night my girls kept trying to hang up a stocking for him and find an ornament for him.... It was sooooo cute! (visit my adoption blog to see some super cute necklaces to buy ...

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  1. My sweetie would have a fit! He absolutely refuses to do Christmas (except maybe a little shopping) until after Thanksgiving. In fact, the kids were singing Christmas songs in the van on the way to my sister's house and he got a little testy.