Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Update and a Plea

Well, it has been over a month since I boarded a plane and headed to my boys' Country.
1 month ago today, I met Adam for the first time.
He is tiny, loving, adorable and perfect just the way he is.
I discovered while there that he does have a few people that do care about him, but not like I do.
Not like a Mama and a family can.
He needs to be home where he can gain weight, strength and energy.
He should not be 6 years old and just 19 lbs. 
I do not love begging. I do not love whining. I DO love my sons though.
Please help me bring them home.

Matthias is in better shape than Adam, but he still needs out.
We do not believe he can hear well if at all and he needs to get that taken care of. 
He does not speak and we do not know if this is because of his hearing or not.
I would love for him to hear me tell him how much he is loved.

I cannot begin to explain how my heart aches to have them home!!! 

Ok now that I have begged a little here is where we are.
We sent in our I800 which is a form needed to get our sons immigration status approved by the United States. The received it over 2 weeks ago, and I found out today that I had missed one of the formed needed. I sent those in today and they should have them tomorrow morning by 10:30 am.
I hope that means I get a phone call tomorrow that they approved me.

Once that is done, Our agency in our sons' Country will do the same thing on there side and get their immigration status approved to leave there or something like them.

Then they will submit our dossier to the government officials to sign off. Once we get the ever famous signature, we will be submitted for court.

After we pass court, we will get travel dates for about a month later.
Many people ask "why so long?" Well, they have to get a lot of paperwork done, get new birth certificates, and a lot of other things.

When we travel we will pick our boys up on a Monday then stay for about 9-10 days getting a few final things done like a passport and medical exam, then we will come home.

The second our boys' step on US soil they will be American citizens!

We are praying we get to go back to bring them home in August which means we need a July Court date or sooner would be awesome!!! 

Please pray with us and for us <3

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  1. We had a delay with our I800, too. Apparently we had an outdated version of one form? The only difference I could see is that the expiration date on the one we used was 2011, and the expiration date on the one they wanted was 2012. ;) But found out that we got our approval on April 30th. Woo hoo!! One step closer.

    Have you gotten your approval yet???