Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
A family of 7 due to the blessing of adoption!

Friday, April 5, 2013

We are home from trip one!.

We just got home last night from our first trip.
Kevin was not able to go, so my dad went with me.
I am very sad that Kevin could not be there, but so thankful I did not have to go alone.
We met Adam on March 25th and he is so tiny, but so amazing!
On day 1 he just snuggled right into me and we were in love.
He is tiny!! Did I mention tiny?!?!. 
He is turning 6 very soon and weighs about 19 lbs. He eats very well, and I know he will gain a ton of weight once he is home. His head weighs so much that he cannot even hold it up by himself, but that will change too. He seems very motivated, so once we get him a little bigger and stronger, he will flourish!! We found out he does have some vision although we are not sure how much. He was definitely staring into my face and when our translator would say where is Mama, he would look right at me which melted me! He is a very happy boy and loves to smile and laugh. He is very infant like in almost every way.... size, ability etc. I have a feeling though that he will advance very quickly once he is out of his crib and in loving arms for good. He made so much progress during our 9 visits with him.
I cried like a baby when I had to say goodbye and he cried too which broke my heart.
I asked his caretakers to remind him that we are coming back and left some pictures and toys for him.

We met Matthias on March 29th (the same day I had to say goodbye to Adam and after a 3+ hour bus ride). I was exhausted by the time we got there and poor Matthias got an emotionally and Physically exhausted Mama. Plus it was dinner time when we got their because our bus was late. There was not a connection on day 1 and I was terrified. I did not know how I could work so hard knowing this was God's plan then find out he was my child. After a night of rest and some prayer, I came into day 2 visits refreshed and excited to get to know my son. I was pleasantly surprised. It took him a while, but eventually he was hooked on his mama. He only wanted me and would literally hang on my or follow me if I tried to move more than a couple feet from him. He is much like a young toddler physically, but in many ways very infant like as well. He is awesome though. I imagine he wears about a size 4 or 5 which was a pleasant surprise. He also LOVES to eat. He took some of his very first unassisted steps right into the arms of his mama. I believe he will be walking when we go back to get him. He loves to hang upside down and is sooooo strong. I cannot wait to see how quickly he grows when we get him home. I believe he has some hearing loss, and I will get that addressed when we get home. Otherwise he only has delays from being in an orphanage. No "special needs".

I am more motivated than ever to get my boys home and in my arms where they will never go hungry again. Adam would cry each time his food was gone because he wanted more, but they did not give him child should have to go to bed hungry.... especially not my child.

It is looking like airfare for Kevin and I will be about $1700 a piece this summer to go pick them up.
Then the boys tickets one way will probably be about $1000 a piece.
It is saying the hotel will be $2000 :(  (Because it has to fit 4 people)
Food will be about $500
Transportation will be about $500
Medicals for the boys is about $200

It is looking like $8600 for our final trip
We have $250 currently available, so we need to raise $8350
Our FSP will need to read $19,900....
It seems like a lot, but we can do this!!!

I have a ton of cute things that will be going up on Auctions.
For now the first 10 people (8 spots left) that donate $10 or more, I will send you a mini Matyroshka doll that can be used as a keychain, ornament or whatever you choose.
Please email your receipt to


  1. What a wonderful update! We keep you all in prayer and will be specifically praying for funding and for the boys to be protected physically, spiritually, and emotionally!!

  2. So sweet! I'm can't imagine how difficult it was to leave them there! They sound like two very special boys!

  3. Such an exciting update!!! Glad it went well for you; how special to see his first steps!!