Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
A family of 7 due to the blessing of adoption!

Saturday, June 1, 2013


I am sick.... in more way than one..... Another orphan died alone.... A child in my

 son's country with my son's diagnosis and his same about scary....

Nobody got to her in time.... She had a family coming, but they could not get to

 her fast enough. Will I make it back for Adam fast enough.... I want both of my 

boys home but Adam is so tiny..... Do you know that he is 6 years old and 

weighs just 19 lbs?? That is the size of an average 6 month old boy... he is 6 

years old!!!! He is as tall as an average 24 month old...... He is 6 and only as tall 

as a 2 year old and weighs what a 6 month old weighs.... Wanna know the 

worst part his head is the size (or larger) of an adult male!!! His head is 

probably half his body weight!! God did not intend any of his children to live this 

way!!! He love us more than that..... We are letting him down..... I am doing my 

best to do my part in bringing 2 of these angels home.... With very limited 

support from family and friends. (Those who help me you know who you are so 

no worries :) You can give me all the excuses you want, but God knows who is 

working on saving his children and who is not!!! Complete strangers will give $2 

to me and several did today because they saw the pictures of my tiny sons and 

knew they could not go out to eat, grab fast food, buy a new movie, get their 

hair done or anything else without the images of these children... The faces of 

my sons looking back. There are around 132 MILLION orphans in the world!!! 

There are over 7 billion people in the world!!!! It only takes one of those 7 

billion to make a difference.... Is it you??? That is one orphan for every 53 

people.... The average adoption costs about $30,000 So if EVERYONE in the 

world donated just $566 dollars we could save all these orphans. $47 per 

month for 1 year..... it may seem like a lot, but look how much you spend on 

eating out, sporting events, unneeded accessories..... Could you make the 

sacrifice of $47 a month?? God gave his only son and we stress over $47 a 

month.... I am in tears!!!!

This is my son!!! He is 6 years old!!!!

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