Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
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Friday, June 21, 2013

waiting and waiting and waiting part 2

Well let me start where I finished off..... I got some amazing pics and videos of Adam from before and after surgery which was an amazing blessing.
These are the before pics and 1 video

 These are the after pics and videos!!! The last video is awesome..... he smiles!!!

I got these in September of 2012 and I watched them over and over for about a month. 
Then watching them caused this ache to hold my baby that was so intense.
My heart broke that my 6 year old son was so tiny and needed me so much.
I worked like crazy to fundraise and get our dossier ready. 
In December, we thought we were fully funded and we sent in our Dossier.
Well apparently airfare and hotel were more than I realized and then on January 9, 2013, I posted "Alvin" from RR on my wall saying "IF" I could add another child to my adoption that he would be the one.
I begged for someone to see him and bring him home.

Alvin #64-3

DOB: 2007
Diagnosis: delays in development
Alvin lives in a family style group home. We are waiting on new information on his development. At the time of the previous report, he was not independently walking, but he could walk behind a support (such as a walker), could cruise around furniture and walk while holding someone’s hand. He was mimicking speech and his communication was starting to develop. He is reported to have a high palate and a tongue “drawn forth” with a notation that this could impact speech. He is shy around unfamiliar people, but engages with familiar adults. He makes eye contact and is eager to be hugged. He enjoys playing hide and seek.

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, he will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for him.

Look at his precious little face!!!!
I could not stop thinking about him.
I kept wondering why my heart ached for him so much. 
That is when I started asking questions.....
I contacted my SW and asked if she would be willing to approve us for a 2nd child.
We had asked to be approved for 2 in the beginning and she had said no.
I was shocked when without hesitation, she said YES!!!!
On January 13th I hesitantly showed "Alvin" to Kevin and I was shocked again when he said YES too!!!
I then contacted my agency to find out if it was too late to add a 2nd child. It turns out my dossier was ready to be submitted, but they had not submitted it yet.
I asked them to wait and told them we were updating our HS and USCIS to add Alvin.
On January 16, 2013, we signed commitment docs to adopt "Alvin".

That very same day we got our docs notarized and apostilled, our SW got us our HS update and we were able to send in paperwork to USCIS.
On January 25, 2013 we were matched with "Alvin" who we decided to name Matthias.
On February 1 we received our USCIS approval and were able to send our final dossier docs to our sons' Country. We were submitted less than 2 weeks later.

Our adoption was delayed by a few weeks, but Matthias was totally worth it!!!!!

To be continued!!!!!

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