Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
A family of 7 due to the blessing of adoption!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick & Trunk or Treating & more!

My little lady bug.... Alyssa age 2
 Beautiful Snow White..... Brittany age 5
 Our Scary Vampire.... Kaitlyn age 6
 All the cousins on Kev's side... Emily, Ian, Kaitlyn, Mikayla, Sarabeth, Brittany, Alyssa, and Gabriel.

 Our 2 little lady bugs.... Mikayla (6 days) & Alyssa (2 years)
 Trick or Treating at Silly Grandma and Grandpa's in Vegas!!

 A cool costume at Mom and Dad's trunk or treat.... He was at least 8 feet tall (on stilts).
 Maamo, paapo, silly Grandpa and Aunt Veronica
 One of the cool decorated trunks
 Some of the kids trunk or treating.
 My girls in Grandpa's trunk!
 SB, Ian and Em in Grandpa's trunk
 Maamo and some of the kids!
 Alyssa with her pumpkins
 Brittany with her pumpkins

 Isn't she the cutest lady bug ever!
 A beautiful Snow White!
 Kaitlyn with her pumpins
 My 3 angels and their pumpkins!
 A mean vampire :)
 Trick or treating at our Local Walmart with Poppy and Grandma
 Trick or treating at the mall
 All of this was in the back of a truck at the Trunk or Treat for Troy and Veronica's ward.
 Then on to our neighborhood trick or treating..... Daddy was off work and wanted to visit a few of our neighbors.... This is when Alyssa really started getting the hang of trick or treating.... no more stroller for that girl. She was dragging us from house to house. She would run up to the door and knock. Then she would proudly say Trick or Treat when they would open the door. Quite the shock since she is normally quite timid around strangers. I think she liked the idea of only having to say 3 words and getting a treat :)
 Just to prove I was there too :)
 Trick or treating to Grandma :)

 Alyssa dancing when we got home.... I think the sugar was starting to kick in :)
 Kaitlyn's stash
 Alyssa's stash
 Brittany's stash
 I think I am going to need a bigger table next year when we have our sweet boy home too....
If you want to leave him a trick or treat surprise please visit our chip in and donate even $1 :)
 Our kids got everything from: popcorn, otter pops, play dough, crayons, free frostys, goody bags, silly bands, full size candy bars, stickers, and sooo much more. The most important thing they got was some fun time with family and friends!!! 
I'll borrow this from a friend: Goal of today: not to eat all of the kids candy :)


  1. HOw cute they all look! Look at all that candy too! Happy Halloween!

  2. HOw cute they all look! Look at all that candy too! Happy Halloween!

  3. So very cute, though your vampire is quite scary. I loved the picture of the two lady bugs--adorable. It made me laugh to think that the baby went from womb to lady bug so quickly.

    I liked your goal. I was not so successful staying out of the candy. Uhg. Though I bought all my kid's Halloween candy and my husband's taking it all to work with him on Friday. Hooray!

  4. Love the costumes! Our kids got lots of candy too. I love trick-or-treating!