Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
A family of 7 due to the blessing of adoption!

Friday, December 16, 2011

April, May and June 2011 Part 1

Sorry Folks but these are going to be long.... I figured while I am doing this, I might as well recap with photos up until I began blogging mid May.... A LOT of important photos fall in this range so welcome through my life's journey.... photo style!
April brought some time at Grandma and Grandpa GGs (GG stands for Great Grandparent). We got in some cuddle time. Cuddles with Aunt Ellen
 Loving on Aunt Mona..... This was one of the last times we ever saw her :( Glad I got these photos

 Kait and Emmy had a soccer game.... Oh and Yes I was the coach.... silly me!!
 We went to Lagoon for Nathen's Birthday
 They talked me into something I swore I would NEVER do..... The sky coaster... Have you seen that thing.... A bungee cord takes you 150 ft into the air then you fly across the park being held by only that cord which is attached to that harness you see me in..... Someone I had just met that day paid for me, so I felt like I had to go.... I was terrified!!
 Yes am I crying..... feel free to laugh!
 Looking at the tiny cord that holds my life in it's grasp.
 Seriously I thought I was dying.... I could not breathe!!!!

 See the plane in the background.... Seriously we look higher than the plane lol
 Some of our group.... I think we had 20+ people
Oh and see the blonde in the back?? She is the one responsible for the previous pictures!
 Grandma Kim and Brittany

 See this pond? This is back when I liked it...... before it ate my camera!!
 My parents missed the party at Lagoon because they were taking my Grandma to the hospital :(
More fun times at Grandma and Grandpa GG's
 We like to take pictures of our kids with their grandparents and great grandparents often because life is short.... This year has taught me that all too much!

 My Cousin Lynzi got married.... This was her bridal shower the night before.
My mom went to school with this women. I love seeing my mom happy!
 Mom, Kaylee, Sandee and Darlene
 Daren and Joyce proud parents of the bride!
 Bride and Groom.... I loved this part of their ceremony....
They each had different colors of sand, as they poured it together it made a new color.... never to be separate colors ever again!!!! LOVE THIS!

 My Grandma made it to her 85th birthday. She was in a nursing home and miserable, but her birth was worth celebrating!! We took her some cake and presents.
 Alyssa would not leave her side it was sooooo cute!!

 Mom reading a poem she wrote to Grandma
My girls getting their loves in
 The kids had a fun soccer activity and this guy showed up... Leo the Lion

 This little one could fall asleep anywhere... those days are gone!
 Fun times with some of our very best friends ever!!!!! I love them sooo much!!
 How many cousins can you fit on one couch..... I was shocked when I went in there... They had done this themselves.... I love when they are good....8 kids oldest is 7 :)
 Emily had a birthday party :)

 Grandpa's idea of helping color Easter eggs.... Using the magic crayon :)
Grandma's idea of helping is a little more hands on :)

 Easter egg hunt with my ward... It was crazy they gave every kid (like 65) their own bucket with several things already and over 1000 eggs hidden in the grass and tress. Plus they each got a huge chocolate bunny.
Spoiled kids!

 All the kids with their loot... All our girls in pretty dresses :)
 What Alyssa got from the Easter Bunny.
 What Brittany got from the Easter Bunny!
 What Kaitlyn got from the Easter Bunny!
Tree climbing monkeys.. this was at Emily's party

 Birthday Girl

 Spoiled girls

 Can you tell they are sisters?

 Picture time with Grandma and Grandpa

 Our attempt at pictures!

 Egg hunt at home.... there is money involved ;)

To be continued!!!


  1. Your girls are adorable! You will be glad you have this post as it really does journal your life at this point.

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. Hey girl, so glad you're recording your days. I love those sweet Easter pictures. And no doubt they are all sisters. :)