Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
A family of 7 due to the blessing of adoption!

Friday, December 16, 2011

April, May and June 2011 Part 2

Kaitlyn's kindergarten class went on a field trip to Treehouse Museum. 
I got to come along, and help out. Kait loved that!!

They did a cute little play and Kait got to be in it... she is the one on the left... I was on the wrong side to get a good picture.

 Exploring the museum with her friend Rachael!

 Random cute pics of our kids!!

 Mother's Day.... My dessert!.... NOT!! Alyssa's Birthday! Her dessert!!
 I can't believe she is 2.... Oh and she just woke up

 Now it is time for Mother's Day..... Not sure why I look so mad in the first pic....

 My hubby made cards for me with the kids :)

 More time with Grandma... She was home for a short time...

 Uncle Dave :) We love this guy!

 I wound up in the hospital with a suspected appendicitis.... Not a fun time.... 
Hence my medical journey began!

 Brittany had her first T-Ball game.... Her first time in any sport!! She was so cute and little up there, but she did not have a clue what to do :)
 Ian was on the same team 
 Uncle Troy was Coach
 Yay!!! Brittany Graduated Preschool!

 Just Yummy treats... no significance ;)

This is around the time I started blogging very regularly....
So Alyssa got her first hair cute, got a real party and loved it. The party... not the hair cut ;)
My sweet Stacey turned 1.
Lots and Lots of Tball and Soccer.....
Someone had a crush on Kaitlyn and sent a card home saying he loved her :)
Sadly many more boys have had crushes on her since then.
Then My hubby and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary.... That rounded out May... Onto June...
My friend Diane came to visit me and we went to temple square.
Lots and lots of tball soccer and horses.... 
Even a little swim time was involved :)


  1. We celebrated ten years this year too! Sorry about your hospital stay- sounds like the results weren't good.

    And your girls are all adorable so I am sure there will be more crushes :)

  2. And we'll be 10 years next July! OK, I love the picture of Alyssa biting the tablecloth--it made me laugh tonight. And those Mother's Day cards are so sweet! Thinking about you today.

  3. I love the name Kaitlyn!! So pretty! I love your family recap pictures too!! How did I forget about Mother's Day in my recap! I am now forgetting a lot of things.. agh! Great recap!!