Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
A family of 7 due to the blessing of adoption!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Family Christmas Party and a Crazy Weekend!

Kevin's parents came in from Vegas on Wednesday.... We were busy from the second they got here until the second they left.... I have to admit that we had lots of fund times and laughed a LOT!!
Friday night Mom and Dad paid for a sitter, and we all went to Steve and Brooke's house for a nice dinner and games..... We had a blast!!! A night without kids.... I almost didn't know how to act!!
Saturday night was our family Christmas Party... Mom was in charge this year, so we did a lot to set up....
This picture was just too cute not to share... She got herself all ready :) Shorts, a PJ top, and boots!
 This was the gym after we set up :)
 Center pieces mom made.... I got to keep one :)
 The cutest face I have ever seen!!
 Well maybe 2 of the cutest faces ever!!
 Let's make that 3...even though this one was doing everything in her power not to let me take a good picture!

 Steve was chasing the girls so they hid behind Grandma ;)
 That's Steve... Can you see why the girls were running?? LOL I love these guys!
 Kids wrestling..... 

 Adults goofing off.... I hate this pic, but I'll still post it... Steve was kissing my cheek.... I think I sat on like 8 people's laps that night... All family.....
 Kids waiting patiently for their gifts!

 Ok maybe not so patiently ;)
 YAY presents!!

 It was this Sweetie's Birthday!
 Playing a game... White elephant gifts!

 Do not ask what that look is..... I was a little ill and a LOT tired!
 This was the gift I got... Kev got a much needed wallet!
 All the kids are playing football while my sweet one plays in the middle of the floor :)

 I got! I got! No, I got it : )
 We play this fun game every year.... Whoever rolls doubles has to put on the mitts and try to unwrap the paper.... As soon as the next person rolls doubles they switch..... Grandpa GG was taking a turn :)
 Kelly making short work of it...
 But the winner after 4 layers of paper was..... Lisa :)
 Grandma had ornaments for all the kids to make..... They were cute too!
 Alyssa and Grandma made a Santa..
 Grandma looks focused :)
 Britt's Snowman
 Kait's reindeer.... Aunt Veronica made one for our boy too :)
 We decided to play our own game.... Trying to keep entertained ;)

 Alyssa finally went to Steve!
We had a great time....

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  1. That is one big family party! I didn't realize you had so much family up there, but how fun. Kait reminds me of Dani. I tried to get a photo of her yesterday and she would not cooperate! But your girls are definitely the cutest ever!!!