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Love Makes Families
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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Bad Storm

We had a massive hurricane type storm today.... It was horrible and scary. I was woken up by my entire house shaking under the force of the winds, and that was still in the early stages. We ended up getting winds in excess of 100 mph. As I am walking out of my room, I hear some banging sounds..... I look onto my back patio and my grill is literally hanging in the air, then it slams to the ground, then it is back in the air. I yell to my father in law that I need his help. I run outside and unhook the propane tank. Then we gran the grill and get it into the house. I tell me father in law that I need to go anchor the trampoline, but right at that moment we hear another large crash..... The trampoline had folded in half and slammed into the side of my house breaking a window (well we don't know if it was that or a tree branch since there was a branch in all of the glass). 
My father in law grabs the trampoline and we try to unfold it. (Did I mention that we have 5 kids 5 and under in the house while the adults are outside?) He holds it while I run inside to wake up my parents and grab a belt. Don't worry the belt was not for me.... It was to hold the tramp to the fence while we took it apart.
My mom came up to help my father in law with the 5 scared kids while My dad and I took apart the trampoline.... It ended up in about 5 busted piece with the help of the wind. I got hit in the face by flying objects 2 times while we were out there (my neck is still hurting from this :( ). It took us about an hour to get all the possible projectiles out of our yard.... Our fingers were frozen, breathing was a challenge, my heart was racing (I'm sure that triggered something on my heart monitor). I can never give you the picture of how miserable it was.... about half way through my mom in law, hubby and bro in law came to help us.....

Within minutes of walking back inside we were standing by the dining room table looking out the back window in disbelief (ya not the brightest choice). A shingle comes flying off the back of a neighbors roof and broke through the dining room window (luckily only the outside panel). We all jumped back and my heart was racing even faster..... Get the kids away from the windows.... stay together..... get some candles and stuff ready.... Oh did I forget to mention that we had been without power this whole time. 

Lunch time came and went... no power and winds still going strong.... They cancelled pm kindergarten. Then they called to tell us to pick up our kids. The heater at the school was out :(

This is the trampoline after my father in law and i tried to straighten it out some.
The wind bent those poles like they were cardboard. 
 This is our bedroom window.
 A Closer view.

 Just to show some of the many branches that were flying through the air....
 Glass from our window...that stick might be the culprit....
 This is the overhang of our house :(
 See the damage above the window??
 The dining room window.
 A tree right across the street.
 Our neighbor's tree...
 All of these trees were from the 5 houses on our circle.... I think we ended with 5 down :(
 Some time in the mix of things she got hurt and had a bloody nose :(
 This is the inside of our window....

Sadly the damage done to my house was minor in comparison to many of my neighbors.
People's fences were flying through the air, house and car windows were broken, cars were damaged in major ways (My father in laws car has over 1k in damage and my bro in law has some damage to his car too)
Some cars even had trees fall on them. Siding was flying off of houses. Powerlines were down everywhere. Semi trucks were tipping over. Roads were closing. Chaos doesn't even begin to describe it!!!!! Fear doesn't even begin to describe it!!! 

My 6 year old daughter came home in tears because her friend from school lost her house in this storm.
A tree fell on a power line, knocked it over and then went into the home. The home caught fire, and it was a total loss..... Where will they sleep tonight mom? What about her toys? MY daughter was scared and  sad :(

This hit home like I never wanted it too..... In a one mile radius of my home there is hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage :(

Tears...... All I have to give at this moment is tears!!


  1. Oh my goodness and where do you live again? This is really scary so quick. Praying for you all. What a mess. Praying for you all does this happen often? Anne P.

  2. Ohhhh my word!!!! SOO scary!!!! :'( Praying for healing for your neighborhood and you guys!! ♥♥