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Love Makes Families
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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I've lost all control over bedtime

It took me forever to get my children on a good schedule. Since Kaitlyn was just a baby she would never go to bed at a consistent time. She could fall to bed around 11 p.m. or even as last as 3 a.m. Sleeping was something that didn't come easy for her, and once she finally fell asleep she didn't stay there for long. So, needless to say I was pretty proud when I found a schedule that worked for her.

About 3 years ago doctors put Kaitlyn on a medication to help control her anxiety and to help her sleep called trazadone. It worked pretty well, and eventually we had Kaitlyn falling asleep by about 10 p.m. Then she had her surgery in April 2009, and we were able to get her on a normal schedule. She was going to bed by 8 or 8:30 p.m. Sooooo awesome!!

We have been on this schedule for about 2 years now, but lately there as been a constant battle.... Tell me if this sounds familiar.....

Me: Girls, why are you still awake?
Kaitlyn and Brittany: Mom, we can't sleep
Me: Just try... you can not fall asleep is your mouth and eyes are open
Them: ok mom

5 min later
Kevin: How many times do we have to talk to you?
Them: 1
Him: no, this is about the 5th time... Go to sleep!
Them: ok

5 min later
Me: Girls why r u doing this?
Them: mom, we just had to go potty
Me: Them go potty and get to bed
Them: ok

5 min later
Kevin: Go back to bed
Them: But we r thirsty
me: If we give you a drink you will be awake going potty again
them: But mom we can't sleep when we r thirsty

20 mins later and several more conversations containing some of the following
Mom Brittany woke me up
Mom Kaitlyn woke me up
Mom Kaitlyn is trying to sleep in my bed
Mom Brittany is trying to sleep in my bed...... AHHHHH can I change my name yet?!?!

My solution one kid is on the couch in the toy room while the other stayed in bed.... guess what they cried theirselves to sleep.... guess I have a little control afterall

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  1. So funny! I think you must have copied a transcript from my girls. This happens in our house too much! Except, one usually ends up in our bed until they fall asleep.