Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
A family of 7 due to the blessing of adoption!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The surprise of Kaitlyn

3 years later....One night we were sitting around the table at Kevin's mom and dad's house and they were bugging Kevin's older brother and his wife about making them grandparents (they had been married a year and a half longer and were also told they couldn't have children) when suddenly I realized that I hadn't had my cycle in almost 7 or 8 weeks. I made some excuse for us to leave early and told my husband to go straight to the store. He immediately began asking me what was going on since it was a Sunday and we never shop on Sundays. I explained what I thought was going on, and he was every bit as excited as I was. Around 11 pm on July 18, 2004 we found out that I was pregnant!!! So awesome... I remember feeling more excited in that moment than any other time prior to then. We decided to wait until the following weekend to tell everyone since we already had plans for everyone to be together at the same time, and it was my dad's birthday. Wow that was the longest week of my life!! We told the family be giving my dad and his dad also gifts that had bibs, bottles etc. At first they looked at us in shock until Kev's mom screamed really loud..... "REALLY!" Everybody was excited and happy for us except Troy and Veronica who did their best to appear happy, but I knew they were sad because they had been trying for a while. So, it was super exciting when on Labor day weekend Veronica found out she was pregnant too! We were thrilled to have someone that we loved so much to share our first pregnancy with....... On Feb. 17, 2005 I went in for my regularly scheduled fetal monitoring appointment just 2 days after my doctor had put me on bed rest/ light duty. I had a few complications during the pregnancy mostly just Kaitlyn growing so fast, and me having low fluids.... She really didn't move much mostly because she didn't have room to. So at fetal monitoring I was having some pretty intense contractions which were registering on their monitors.. I told them they hurt pretty bad and asked them if I was in labor. They told me that it was most likely braxton hicks since she was my first and it was over 5 weeks until my due date.... That was about 2 p.m. at 10:50 pm I was laying in bed getting ready to go to sleep when I wet the bed.... Well at least that is what I though happened. It turns out it was my water which I realized after about 5 min... since it didn't stop. I was not even close to prepared to go to the hospital. I had only had my baby shower 5 days before, and nothing was put together. I threw everything in a bag (except my camera... duh!) and rushed to the hospital. She was born less than 2 hours later via c-section. Those 2 house were some of the scariest in my life because I was sooooo not ready. I had 5 more weeks, and nobody goes that early with their first.... Well at least nobody but me lol. She was 7lbs 7 oz, but she still had a lot of problems... to be cont.

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