Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
A family of 7 due to the blessing of adoption!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Another Fun Filled Saturday.

Saturday June 10, 2011

Another T ball game :) 
Brittany played 3rd base.... Well she played on or around 3rd base, but you get the point ;)

 The kids were waiting for their turns to bat, and they decided to sit like this. Too cute.

 Can you see the kid right in the middle of the field with his mom next to him. He has a walker that helps him to walk. The sweetest thing ever happened during this game. The ball was hit near him, and nobody from his team ran over to get the ball. They all stopped and waited for this sweet boy to make it over to the ball and attempt to throw it to 1st. Please remember that these kids are only 4. It was amazing that these 4 years olds have already learned a valuable lesson from this sweet young boy. When he threw the ball it only went a couple of feet, but all the kids remained still until they were given "permission" to help him. Then they all rushed in, and the game continued. For just a moment, though, time was suspended and God touched us all.
 This is Brittany's new idea of "playing" a sport. She has the playing part down... it is the sport part we have to work on.

 Then, after the game, we got to go back to the horses :)
 That is Sydney on Rigit. I ended up riding her later in the day. Dad is behind on Splash with Kevin leading... I hear he was not fun to handle on this walk. I will tell a story about why at the bottom.

 Kaitlyn loving her solo ride :) Britt was riding quesetta with me, but of course I had the camera lol.
So, we were getting all the horses saddled up and ready to take to the arena to ride. Dan and Cheri decided this would be a good time to take the babies out. This would be there first time leaving the property. Let me tell you.... that was a treat, but we will get to that later. So Splash was the first one saddled since he tends to be the most patient. I was holding his lead rope and decided to give Kaitlyn and Brittany a short ride around the yard. Kev lifted them on and walked beside them just to make sure they were ok. Well half way into their ride he started to turn when he shouldn't be, speeding up or stopping. I realized that my sweet girls had a hold of the reins and were becoming "cowgirls." One of the girls.... Sydney or Becky, decided to just pull the reins off the saddle horn and let them rest on his neck.... no big deal. We walk back to the back of the house, and I get the girls down. My mom was right there, and I asked her if she would hold onto Splash's lead rope, so I could do something.... I can't remember now what that something was. Within seconds of walking away, one of the baby foals (Sugar, 2 months old) got out and came running toward Splash. Splash does not like the foals, and he went to raise his foot to stomp at the foal, but guess what happened instead. Remember those reins that got put around his neck instead of that saddle horn? When he raised his foot up, his knee got caught in the reins. He raised up on his haunches and was towering about my mother (who can barely walk). She yells for everyone to run because now Splash is only on 3 legs and is in a PANIC. He is rearing up every few seconds. He falls on his side, but he gets back up. He is moving right toward my 2 sweet girls who had been on his back not a minute before. Kevin from out of nowhere grabs both of our girls up (Sydney of Becky had already grabbed Alyssa) and ran the opposite direction of the horse. Splash lands on his side right where my girls had just been standing. Daniel jumps on him, and I am not far behind. Daniel undoes his Bridal and I start patting him. He is shaken up, but at this point we all are. Well, not all. During this whole thing my dad stands calmly holding the lead rope of Rigit who never even budged because dad never even budged. It was quite impressive. Kevin and Daniel helped Splash up, and checked him out. Luckily he was fine, but he was not such an easy ride after that. Mom decided to redeem herself and hold another horse. Baby, the mom of one of the foals, hadn't been ridden in about 5-6 months. Mom was holding her lead rope when Daniel comes out of the barn and tosses, from about 3-4 feet away, her saddle blanket on her. Guess what happens. She reared up on her hind legs and again mom had a horse towering above her. I was not far away this time. I quickly grabbed the rope, and mom made her way quickly to the van where she remained for the remainder of our time there.

The trek over to the arena was a challenge. We had.... Daniel on Quesetta ponying Sugar, Cheri was on Baby, I was leading Patches, Dad was on Splash with Kevin leading him, Sydney was on Rigit, and mom, Becky and the kids were in the van following. Patches was out of control. This was her first time leaving the property and she was not happy. She stomped my feet, head butted me, slammed her head on my shoulder after rearing up, drug me behind her, and everything else you can imagine. Cheri decided to pony her beside her mom, but that didn't work either. About half way through the field, patches was fighting and got caught in the rope. Cheri had to let go which meant she had to jump off her horse to catch and untie a run away baby. I made my way back to her, but this time I took the mom. That was not much better. She was mad that her baby was not right by her, and she also head butted, stomped on my feet, and was just down right defiant. We were not the only ones having problems. Splash was doing the same things to Kevin. Rigit took Sydney into a ditch, and Sydney ended up in tears..... I was great fun.

The return trip was much better for me, but not much better for everyone else. Daniel rode Splash... he started bucking half way home which was quite a sight. Glad it was the experienced rider on him. Cheri rode Baby and ponied Patches. They did much better. Becky decided to ride Rigit.... She got 10 steps and was screaming for help. Kevin had to leave me on Quesetta and go and get her. I ended up riding quesetta home all by myself (the first time ever riding a horse not being led), and we didn't have a single problem. Sydney led her baby, Sugar, and that went pretty well too.

When we got back, I rode Quesetta around a little longer before dad took over. Then I had to take on the challenge... Rigit. I rode her around too without a problem.... Yes people... I AM A COWGIRL :)


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