Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
A family of 7 due to the blessing of adoption!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

A day of learning :) Basically the best day ever.

Lesson # 1: Mom's can be great, but nothing (and I mean nothing) can light up my little Brittany's face like having Daddy at her T-ball game.
This was Brittany's 3rd game, but the 1st one that Daddy got to go to. She was so cute. She actually fielded a ball that was hit by the other team. I didn't get a picture, but she held that ball up and didn't want to let it go. Daddy had to walk over to her, and have her throw it to 1st base :) 

 Some things never change whether Daddy is there or not LOL
 Daddy helps get me ready to hit.
 I've never seen her hit like that... She meant business. She hit a grand slam... She was last at bat, and every kids scores. She was super excited and actually ran the bases. 
 on her way to 1st.....
 Home.... do you see that smile.... That was all for Daddy!!

 She this sweet little boy with the "walker?" He played the entire game.... What an inspiration!
 Our cool 2 year old on our way to Lagoon.
 Our cool 6 year old wanted a pic too.
 Our silly 4 year old couldn't be left out!

Lesson # 2: It doesn't take much to make 4 kids happy... just add water and sun :)

Kaitlyn, Emily, and Ian playing in the water at Lagoon. They were so excited to finally have a warm day :)
Brittany was working her way in a little slower, but she ended up soaked too :)
 Water does not make  everyone happy. She was hiding behind me :) 
 Lesson #3: I love horses every bit as much as my beautiful daughters :)
Kaitlyn and Brittany petting Rigid.
 Grandma likes horses too.
 Poppy likes them too, but Alyssa isn't so sure.
 Rigid and I became friends. I think I walked her around for about 30 min.... or more.
 Kait likes this 2 month old foal.... They call him patches for now :)
 Splash likes Alyssa even if she doesn't like him.
 Brittany loved getting to feed them.... especially Splash!

 This is Daniel on Splash. Daniel is Kevin's 2nd cousin, and the owner of these 7 horses :)
 The girls got to ride on Splash. They were very excited!!

 I was just goofing off with Rigid. She is a touch bossy, but I taught her who was boss (not really, but I'm still learning) LOL

 They call this 2 month old foal Sugar. He isn't quite as friendly as Patches yet.
 I had to jump up and ride next :) Remind me not to wear flip flops next time... lol

 Alyssa actually liked the horses after she rode one with mommy :)

 Poppy just had to get on and ride even with his broken foot!
 Look no hands.... really brave since he is being led by a rope :P LOL
 Kevin's turn :)
 He thought he was gonna be a pro and ride by himself, but he ended up being led around too.... hopefully we will get more experience and be able to ride alone soon!
 This little yearling who we started calling Princess is my favorite!! She is so pretty and stubborn just like me. She kept head butting me, so I would elbow her... back and forth like 20 times. Cheri told me she thought I was another horse and was playing with me. It was so much fun. We even talked about buying princess in about a year when she can be ridden :) 
 Kaitlyn was the only one who could get this protective mom to come over. She even ate from Kait's hand!
 Daniel rides off riding Splash (father) and bringing Princess (daughter) along 
What an awesome day!! I loved every single minute of it!! 

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