Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
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Sunday, June 19, 2011

A great time with some friends at Temple Square

I know we all have them... internet friends. The people the comment on our blogs, we are friends with on facebook or some other internet forum. Well I have quite a few of these friends and about a year and a half ago one of those friends helped me out when none of my "real life" friends could. Alyssa was really sick, and none of her doctors had any answers. I made several posts on Facebook just begging for someone to help me.... Maybe just maybe someone out there was a doctor that had seen something like this before.... I was in luck. A friend of mine named Diane had a future daughter in law that was the head of pediatric ICU at a hospital. She got me in touch with her, and she soothed my soul from hundreds of miles away. My husband said that she made me liveable (I think I might have made that word up... meaning he could stand to be around me). She did not know what my daughter had, but she knew how to make me understand that it would be ok. She helped me. This dear friend of mine kept asking about my sweet daughter, and we had hundreds of conversations over the next year and a half. She happened to be traveling through my town, and we finally got to meet. They were as awesome in person as on the internet, and the treated my kids and me like royalty. They took us to lunch, bought the kids treats, and made us dinner.

Diane holding the hands of the 2 girls at Temple Square.
 I did not know this story before... Apparently once the members settled in the valley and planted their crops, crickets (or some insects) came and started eating all their crops. The church members prayed that they would not lose all their crops, and Heavenly Father answered their prayers by sending Seagulls. 

 So beautiful!

 The girls warmed up to them very quickly.
 looking at pictures.

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