Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
A family of 7 due to the blessing of adoption!

Monday, October 3, 2011

A Medal Ceremony for the girls and other Sept Moments

Our kids' school had a medal ceremony for all of the champions!
My girls both got a medal.
Kait is the one who never unfolds her arm.... These pics were taken with my cell phone because I forgot my camera in the car.... in my defense I had 3 extra kids this day (1,3 and 5... her teacher's kids)
Kait had just received her medal.
 standing with her class.... arms still folded!

 Emily's class went after Kait. She is just getting her medal in this picture.
 Em with her class.
 I ran and grabbed my camera for this. Kaitlyn's class with her teacher! Yes my kid is the one with her hands covering her eyes. She does not like the sun!
 She is almost looking in this one!

 Ian's class went after Kait and Em, but sadly I missed it. Parker (the 3 year old) was crying because he wanted his mom, but she had to stay and teach and he had to stay with me. We decided it was better to miss the medal ceremony than disrupt it with our noise.
A couple hours later it was Brittany's turn. She is in the middle with pink on.
 She was too busy looking at me to pay attention!
 Her time on stage....
 Getting her medal....
 Shaking the hand of the principal...
 Then standing with her class and gazing at her treasure ;)
 Brittany and Braiden
 Her whole class.
 More September moments.... Loving on grandma
 and playing hide n seek.... they were yelling you can't find us. We are not hiding in the couch downstairs.
This was at Peggy's house. Joshua and Alex on the left :)
 When she got really sick... She fell asleep doing homework :(
Faces painted at the school carnival. 
 Snuggles with grandma and poppy.
 Frightmares at Lagoon.... I think those teeth were a little too big for her tiny mouth :)
But don't you dare tell her that she is too little for anything!
 Britt wanted a pic too :)
 From Vampire to Pirate :)
 Kait cheesing it up... I love it!
 Brittany jumps in the stroller every chance she gets because she is lazy smart and doesn't like walking.
 Britt was not excited about meeting this guy!
 Look who we saw there.... Kait's teacher... I just love her! We are becoming great friends!
 Alyssa is hiding in there somewhere... her heart is literally pounding out of her chest and she is shaking..... 
Wanna see why?!?
 This guy..... he doesn't look too scary right?!?
 Well when he leaves his head behind and his body runs after you.... That is enough to scare a 2 year old.
 Fun times with Aunt Veronica.
 She tried to put this little backpack on and cried when it got stuck... I had to take a pic before I took it off lol
 See how happy she was?
 She that look.... You know that look don't you?!?.... Yes..... I got soaked just moments later!
 See the water flying?!?
 A trip to the dentist..... My 2nd cavity ever!! It is tiny though... 
MY first one couldn't even be found without the x rays... Yes, I am proud of that!
All in all September was a pretty fun Month!

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