Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
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Sunday, October 30, 2011

An update on Brittany

I realized after receiving several concerned emails that I forgot to post an update on my sweet Brittany....
We went into the ER on Thursday morning right after we dropped Kait off at school and the other 2 (one of mine and the one I babysit) off to aunt Veronica.
She was in miserable pain every time someone would so much as touch her leg. It just happened to be the same leg where she had her IV for her surgery the week before. This was concerning for her doctors so they recommended that we visit the ER.
We arrived at the ER and after getting very upset because she had to be changed into a gown and it hurt a ton, she was happy because she didn't have to move her leg.
The doc came in, ordered testing, and walked out.
 First up, blood work. They didn't get hardly any before she literally dried up. I have never seen blood so thick. I guess it was just me because the doctors and nurses did not seem concerned.
2nd up, an xray of her hip. The 2 ladies were very nice (until they made her move her leg :) Plus she enjoyed the ride.
3rd up, an ultrasound. They just wanted to make sure that she did not have a blood clot even though at this point they had a pretty good idea of what was wrong. I was very impressed by the doctor.
They diagnosed her with Capsulitis of the hip. Basically her hip joint was swollen (caused by trauma generally) and would not fit properly into the hip joint. It sounds to me like it was a fancy way of saying that she popped her hip out of joint! They put her on some anti infammatory meds and she is doing very well.

Thank You all for the prayers!!!

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