Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
A family of 7 due to the blessing of adoption!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Update on Brittany

Not long after we got home, I was feeding the kids lunch..... Britt asked me what she was going to eat....
I gave her a lost of soft foods..... yogurt, pudding, jello etc.
She looked at me and yelled (ya so much for that not talking thing... never happened) "I am not going to eat JUNK FOOD for lunch!" She was mad!!!!
Finally, after some debate and tears (her not me even though I considered it), we agreed on very tiny, over cooked ramen noodles. She ate almost half a bowl. She was happy, out of pain and doing well.
We were watching movies while she was laying propped up on the couch..... I would help her every time she needed to walk any where and followed the doctor's orders (monitor her constantly for the first 24-48 hours..... He was stern in his directions. She needed to be in an adults line of sight at all times especially while she was sleeping... We had to sleep in shifts but I'll get to that).

She was getting bored sitting on the couch and asked if she could stand for a minute to watch tv.... She had been doing fine with balance and walking so I agreed.... She was just standing there watching tv when something happened.... Not sure if it was the anesthesia or her equilibrium but she literally just fell over....
The door to the entertainment center was opened and she fell forward right onto the corner of the door.... Of all places it hit her right in the throat :( Broke my heart. She was panicking, she couldn't breathe, she went pale again and she was breathing VERY rapidly..... I gave her some pain meds and a drink.... I imagine it hurt.... BAD!!! Then I called my mom.... She calms down way better for my parents than for me. My mom was able to get her to calm down after just a few minutes and she started to get her color back.
She still has a mark on her neck from where she hit :( I felt like the worst mom ever!

That was the only time she has taken any pain medication!! She is a tough little girl!!!

My dad agreed to watch her during the first shift of the night, so I slept from 10-6 (well I attempted to sleep). Then I came and brought her upstairs and my dad slept from 6-2.... She didn't sleep for very long and was a touch restless, but my dad said she did great otherwise.

She woke up this morning and has been doing great... Until right now as I am typing this she has not complained of pain or anything.... She just asked for some pain meds... She has been running (with me telling her no every time), playing (with me telling her to take it easy), eating (only ramen noodles, but better than nothing), and acts like everything is fine.

Praying she continues to do so well!!!

On a separate note: Kaitlyn has been taking good care of her sister!! Brittany even came in to tell me and Grandma that Kaitlyn was taking care of her hehe....

One time they got in a fight over some crayons.... Brittany got extra angry and started hitting Kaitlyn.... Normally Kaitlyn would start hitting right back, but instead she did something that I have been trying to teach her. She stopped what she was doing then took 
 deep breathes. I was so proud of her.... She is learning to control her emotions.. This task is hard for any child, but she especially struggles with it. GOOD JOB KAIT!

All in all today has been an ok day!!

Some cuteness from last night...
Her favorite food.... Ramen noodles!
 Her solution to being unable to get off the couch....
Daddy snuggles!


  1. oh I am so sorry hun. I didnt see the post before. I hope she gets all better.

  2. You're definitely one of the best moms ever. Getting hit in the throat sounds so painful, but how could you know that would happen. I'm glad your Mom was able to calm her down. Grandma's are the best.

    Please let Brittany know we're thinking about her and praying for her. I'll show my girls these pictures tomorrow.

    And that's great news for Kaitlyn! We tried the deep breathing with Dani. It also worked, but I'd forgotten about it. I'll have to start again. She needs it. Maybe Everette sometimes too. :)