Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
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Sunday, October 2, 2011

A scary day

If there was an injury to be had today... the kids in my home seemed to find it.

Kaitlyn and Brittany managed to fall of the slide (on their bed), bump their heads on counters, and everything you could think of.

Then my niece and nephew came over (we like to have a little family party for General Conference).
Everything my kids didn't manage to get hurt on (and even some they did), my niece and nephew got hurt on.
They ran into each other, stabbed each other with fake swords, hit their heads on the slide and fell off of it.... (rethinking the slide at this point even though they haven't had many problems before).

Then Kaitlyn through a massive fit because Brittany came in the room that her and Emily were playing in. She jumped up (seriously like 2 feet or more) in the air and landed on her back. She couldn't walk for a second. Hours later she was still having trouble.... Hope she didn't do any permanent damage.

Sadly, that was not our scariest event.....

We started eating dessert which of course brought the 5 kids running in.
They accused me said I promised them a treat. I told them to wait just a moment, and I would get it for them.
Since they are 6 and under, they do not have patience.
They ran into the kitchen and grabbed down the candy bowls.
I told them not to eat any candy until I approved.
They didn't listen!!
My 2 older kids grabbed out peanut butter cups and ate them.
We noticed what they had done, and I was furious!!! My nephew is deathly allergic to peanut butter, and they were eating it within a foot or so of him.
We told him to come and sit right next to us so we could watch him (I even let him bring his sucker out of the kitchen because I was worried). He didn't even make it into the living room before he started gasping for air. He was chocking!!!! Or his throat was closing!!! 
I was scared!!!!! MY brother (in law) yelled for me to call 911 while he ran out to get his epi pen.
My sister (in law) told him to come over to the trash and throw up.... It helps to open the airway, and she started rubbing his back. Next thing we know he got a huge piece of sucker out of his throat.
It wasn't an allergic reaction afterall!! Thank the Lord!!!!
I was shaking for about 10 minutes after.... I was so worried about my sweet boy.

Our fun did not end there.... Kaitlyn was on the slide (I know shock me shock me) and was goofing off (you would think they would learn) her foot slipped and she fell landing right between her legs. She got hurt pretty bad. The inside of her leg was scarped up, bleeding, and bruised. Now she really can't walk!!

These poor kids!!! They made it through the day luckily!

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  1. Wow! You definitely take the prize for most dangerous day, or I should say the kids do. Poor Kaitlyn! Dani almost choked once on a piece of watermelon. She had just gotten her expander put in her mouth and refused to chew her food. It was still one of my most scary experiences.