Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
A family of 7 due to the blessing of adoption!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas Eve

My sister got in late on the 23rd to spend 9 days with us.
Christmas Eve was their first full day here and it was crazy. They kids were so excited to see each other :)
Darlene and Kevin stopped by to drop off a cute gift basket. Everyone loved visiting and of course my girls had to climb on McKenzie.

 The kids played together with lots of toys..... yes this is just one of 5 rooms in my house that have toys....
 We apparently wore out Peggy's family because they were OUT!

 A trip to Mcdonalds was definitely in order! These kids played for over an hour and loved it!!

 Peggy Climbed in and Kait was trying to keep her in there.... Kevin may have given her the idea.

 Now, Kevin is trying to not let her out.

 It was freezing in the play area, so mom was hiding out lol

 My hubby wanted some pics of my so I climbed in to play with the kids a little :)

 He takes such great pictures.... Thanks babe!

 We drove around and looked at lights another Christmas tradition is to go out and look at lights on Christmas eve. My kids love it!

 Getting to open one present on Christmas Eve is another tradition.... They always know it is new Pajamas :)

 I LOVE pajama pants.... So I was the only adult to get to open something hehe

 Alyssa was so excited she didn't even take her clothes off before she put her pjs on

 We made mini loaves of banana bread and she would sneak them and eat the whole thing if nobody stopped her. She LOVED it!
 The kids have to put out cookies for Santa on their special plate and of course 9 carrots.

 Grandma has special story books that are recorded that read the story automatically. They love them.

It was a great day!!! One of the best ever!!

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