Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
A family of 7 due to the blessing of adoption!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

More Cookie time with the Grandmas!

My kids love baking with their Grandma's.... After a surprise visit from Silly Grandma and Grandpa, they got to do baking with both of their Grandmas.... Good times!!
It is a tradition that we always make hand print cookies to leave for Santa.... This year they got to make 2 :)
Icing the cookies they made with Poppy's Grandma. They liked that she colored it :)

It was finger licking good :)

Britt's cookie... This was Alyssa's hand, but Kait's broke so she got Britt's and Britt got Alyssa's
Kait's cookie

Making cookies with Silly Grandma Dec. 23, 2011

A nice dinner too with all of Silly Grandpa's siblings except Marsha.
Wade, Deb, Kenny and Shari
 Silly Grandpa, Troy and Gary
Grandma and Grandpa GG

I love hand holding :)

The handprints are ready to bake :)

 My kid's hand print cookies :)
 Emily's and Ian's
 5 little hands... They are getting too big
Time to decorate

 Yep still finger licking good LOL

Ian's finished product

 Emily is done
Britt is done and stealing a bite. She ate a finger or 2 lol

 This is what Brittany's looked like by the time she was done.
Uncle Kevin came and got bombarded.

 Grandma trying to rescue him... I was sorta laughing and taking pictures hehe

 Yay he made it out alive

 Kaitlyn's all done :)
They loved making cookies with their Grandmas.

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