Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Kids Christmas Parties

Both of my kids had Christmas parties in their classes on Tuesday December 20,2011.
They were super excited. Unfortunately they were at the same time, so I was back and forth between the 2...
Britt's class started by getting a new hat from their teacher and watching a short movie.

 She looks happy doesn't she?
 Kait got to make a present for her mom.... I helped her a little, and I didn't have a clue it was for me :)

 Britt's class had a pinata.
 Kait's snow globe
 Waiting for a special visitor

 Another art project.... It ended up being a card :)

 Brittany with Santa :)
 Braiden (I babysit him, so he is mine 1/2 the time :) with Santa
 Kait's card she made :)
 She did have a cute bow, then a hat... neither lasted long....
 Making an ornament for our tree!

  Brittany's turn to hit the pinata.

 Braiden means business....

 No blindfold this time.... watch out pinata

 Mrs. Cook's turn.... this is one cool teacher!!

 Get some candy! :)

 Kaitlyn's cookie she made... I would not know this was a cookie... She covered it pretty well!
Britt's teacher gave all of the kids a stocking packed with candy and goodies. She also made a Calender for all the moms using 12 photos of our kids we had sent in. I LOVE it!
I think they had a pretty great day :)

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