Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas Program

The kids had a super cute Christmas program at school. Each grade got up on stage and sang a song...
The kindergarten class sang Santa Rock. They even did a little dancing. Well some did..... Britt stood still most of the time.
Britt was first on stage... One of the teachers was helping her get in position
She is the cute one in the red dress on the end looking scared.
Ian walking up. Look at those folded arms.
Britt is just standing there while everyone else dances.
Ian was jammin'

Kaitlyn's group headed on stage.
She was supposed to be kneeling, but that only lasted a second.

She snuck down and hid most of the time.... I only got a few pics, but she sang great. Emmy had no problem looking at us. Kait is in the red dress. Emmy is in the yellow shirt :)
All the first graders
Yay she is looking :)
Emmy ran right over to give her mom a hug :)
Britt kept staring at us from her seat on the floor :)
It was the teachers turn to sing and dance. Jamie's kids loved watching her :)

Just to show how many kids were there!
Jaslynn watching mommy dance.
Alyssa trying to sneak out.
Parker was zoned in.
A special guest came.... Santa

He talked about all the teachers and kids and whether they were naughty or nice :)
Ian getting a Candy Cane
Britt just got her candy cane.... The line was moving sooooo fast.... I missed Emmy and Braiden
Kait getting her Candy Cane :)
The kids had sooooo much fun! It was a fun time for all of us. They were especially glad daddy got to be there.

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