Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
A family of 7 due to the blessing of adoption!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas 2011 Part 4.... Silly Grandma and Grandpa and Troy and Veronica

Silly Grandma and Grandpa came over after they finished watching Emily and Ian open their gifts.
They got all the girls roller skates... The girls all insisted on trying them out.... All I could think was "Why did I agree to this?"

 Aunt Chell and Uncle Marcus got them all Sentsy stuffed animals... Alyssa loved hers the most :)

 Earlier she was done opening gifts, but I think she got her second wind :)

 being goofy

 I got a nice sewing machine.... I am gonna get busy sewing the girls some pjs and such.... 
Fact most of you might not have known. I actually went to school for sewing.... Costume design technically :)

My honey bought me this nice sewing bag to go with it :)

 My big kids turn

I guess it is not such a bad thing to be a kid at heart <3
 We were lazy this year and just got them a gift card..... Mom hates gift cards, but I was not feeling so hot and they are HARD to buy for!
 Lovin' on Grandma
 Yes, she started to cry... She was happy to get to spend Christmas with all her kids... They drove home to Vegas that day to spend some time with Michelle and the kids.... SB was with her dad though :(

 She is pointing out how tall Kait is with skates on :) Like I say 6 going on 16

 Love this smile
 Tory, Veronica, Emily and Ian came over in the afternoon to exchange gifts :)

 Aunt Veronica made all the girls tutus and they loved them... As you can see they couldn't wait to get them on :)

 Ian was happy about everything....

 As you can see Emily was not in the best mood

 Alyssa was showing off the shirt she got
 and eating it

 Emily was in a better mood when she got the Best Friends Forever shirt from Kait
 Love this!

We finished the day off with some Ham and Yummy potatoes.... It was yummy!!!
Like I said.... One of the best days of my life!! 
Thanks to all my amazing family!
We love shopping for Christmas all year... I am happy to say that we paid less than half price for over 90% of everything we bought.... I love being a good shopper :)

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  1. It looks like a great Christmas. We have a scentsy lamb that the boys love to hold and smell. Your house is going to smell wonderful!