Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
A family of 7 due to the blessing of adoption!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Almost a heart attack

My daughter just about gave me a heart attack!

Let me set the scene for you.. It is 1am. My kids are normally in bed early like 8 or 9. Around 10 or 11 we heard a weird noise. It was pretty loud and sounded like metal. I sent my husband to go check it out. He was back seconds later with an answer. It was just our older daughter kicking the metal rail on her bed....

I was on my way to bed, and I always check on my girls before bed. I looked in Alyssa's room. The fold out couch she insists on sleeping on was folded up neatly. She was not in her bed. I was not surprised.... She often sneaks into her sisters' beds to have a sleep over. I checked Brittany's bed first.... no Alyssa.... Then Kaitlyn's bed..... no Alyssa.... Panic is starting to set in. "Kevin, where is Alyssa." Kevin calmly says I don't know. We both started looking around... bathroom, our bedroom, toy room, girls room again.... 
When Kevin started to panic, I knew it was bad. I was just seconds from calling 911.... remembering the sound from earlier in the night. I just knew someone had kidnapped my baby.
That is when I saw her.... instant relief flooded over me....
 This hole is about a 12 inch square with only a 3-4 inch opening....I do not know how I saw her.
She was sound asleep too..... She had no idea the heart ache she caused her mom and dad.... I was just second from calling 911 when I say her precious face.
My husband asked me how in the world I found her.... My answer "The Lord"


  1. Omigoodness Jaclyn!!! That's soo scary! You had my heart racing!!

    1. No wonder you can't get your heart to heal! :P

  2. That is so scary! Glad she is OK.