Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
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Thursday, March 22, 2012

First time skating

The kids got an award through their school for attendance. 
They got 2 hours of free skating with all their friends from school at a nearby skating rink.... 
A ton of kids from the school were there.
The cool thing about this skating rink is that you can ride scooters too.
Brittany and Alyssa gave up on the skate pretty quickly and moved onto the scooters.
Sorry the pics are blurry... They were going pretty fast.

 Kait really wanted to skate, but my arms were getting super tired from holding her up.
Luckily they have these awesome things you can rent to help kids learn to skate.
She was off and running skating with only the help of this contraption.
 Daddy helped Britt try to skate some

 Alyssa loved when daddy would push her super fast around the rink.
 A friend from Colorado was here with her kids, and Emily and Ian (my niece and nephew) were there because they go to the same school...Hailee and Emily riding scooters. Emily and Ian also gave up on skating rather quickly... even faster than Brittany. I tried helping them and tried letting them use Kait's contraption, but they just didn't like it.
 There's Ian and Nevaeh

My daytime kids were there too, but they were going way too fast for me to take any pictures.... At one point Braiden had Jasslynn on the scooter in front while he rode her around. It was so cute. Parker kept falling, but that did not stop him from "flying" around the rink!!

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