Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
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Monday, March 26, 2012


Well, as many of you have read, I had surgery last Thursday.
When I got home that night, I was pretty groggy and miserable. Honestly that hasn't changed a whole lot.
The first 3-4 days my nose was killing me. I could not breathe at all without using my mouth which dried my throat out and caused even more pain. 
Now, 4-5 days in, my nose is still driving me crazy although it is not draining constantly like it was.
My throat has taken over as the main cause of my pain now.
I have stayed pretty strict on taking my pain meds every 4 hours per the advice of my doctor.
I have been able to eat Jello, Yogurt, a few bites of shake and a little ramen noodles...
I think I have lost over 5 pounds since the surgery because I have no desire to eat anything.
My day goes something like this.... 
Sleep a little
Wake up in pain
Realize it is too soon for pain meds
Try to sleep again
Play on the computer
Eat some Jello
Take a pain med
Go to  sleep
Wake up in pain
Flush my sinuses with Saline
and on and on and on......

I appreciate all the continued prayer!

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  1. Oh no fun at all. Sorry for the pain! Hope you are better each day.