Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dinner from the ward

I live in a pretty awesome ward. They always step to help those in need.
As soon as they found out about my surgery, the meals started coming in.
The first night (Sat.) my visiting teacher brought in stromboli.... I head never heard of this before.
It is similar to a calzone with a dipping sauce on the side. This one had meatballs, pepperoni, onions, Feta cheese and a few other things. She also brought a yellow cake mix cookies with chocolate chips for dessert.
On Sunday, One of our ward members brought us some Papa Murphys..... They brought cheese bread with dipping sauce, 2 pizzas, cookie dough, and 2 types of soup for me. I loved that they thought of me :)
On Monday, 2 sisters brought us dinner. They brought mashed potatoes, rotisserie chicken, rolls, and Jello salad for me. My moms's visiting teacher brought rice krispie treats for dessert.
Tonight 2 different sisters brought dinner. They brought Angel hair pasta with alfredo sauce, grilled chicken, caesar salad, rolls, butter plus homemade jello and yogurt for me. They also had blueberry muffins (still warm) for dessert.
I love that all these wonderful people dropped everything to help me take care of my family while I am not able.
I am truly blessed!
Also, my brother (in law) and his kids came over to check on me today and give me loves.

On another side note.... Brittany comes in every few minutes no matter what they are doing (playing outside, playing in her room etc,) and checks on me. She is constantly asking me if I am doing ok or if I need anything. If I mention needing something, she runs off to get it.

This next portion may be a little gruesome.... Stop reading now if you do not like gross.
I went into my doctors appt for my post op for my nose (well for all of it but mainly my nose).
He did the normal check that they do... say ahhhhh, checked ears etc.
He said everything looked great and asked me a few questions.
I explained that my nose (sinuses) were causing me more pain and problems than my throat... He said that is unusual (but I always like to do things backwards).
He then began explaining how I was going to be able to breathe again by the end of this appt.... I knew what that meant.... more sinus cleaning and I was not happy. He did some initial cleaning by pulling out a few clots of drainage. (It was completely gross... blood, puss and mucus.... the size of a dime). He pulled out about 3-4 on each side then explained he would need to numb me up for the rest. He also said after seeing this, he knew why I was having such problems breathing and with pressure.
He came back in a few minutes later and continued cleaning... suctioning, tweezers, and all kinds of fun stuff.
The part that shocked me most was when he pulled out the stints. (I had no clue there were stints even in my nose). They were plastic and they were huge like 2
 inches long by .5-1 inch tall. Ummm no wonder my nose was hurting. 
After he was all done, I was so relieved. I could breathe through my nose, and it felt like a miracle.
I cannot wait for tonight when I may actually be able to sleep.

Thanks again for all the prayers.

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  1. So glad to hear that you are feeling better! And what some awesome neighbors you have!