Love Makes Families

Love Makes Families
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Friday, March 30, 2012

Surgery update and helpers....

If you recall, at my doctors appt on Tuesday, the doctor said I should start feeling better soon.
I have honestly grown to hate the word soon.... Every day since the appt., I have been in way more pain. The pain is so bad that I cannot even make it a full 4 hours between pain meds without wanting to cry like a baby.
So, I had to start taking them a little closer together because I figured that would be better than taking 2 at a time which the doctor also said I could do. I have had 9 surgeries 1 per year for the last 9 years..... 3 c sections, 2 knee surgeries, wisdom teeth removed, a EDG, and A D&C... Let me tell you a little something.... I have taken more pain meds with this surgery than with any of the other.... probably close to more than all the other 8 put together.... It is that bad!!! By far the worst of all the surgeries I have had. I have tried eating more things, but nothing seems to work. It either gets stuck in my throat, hurts like crazy or is too solid.
Please pray I will be out of pain and able to eat soon.

On a side note, a dear friend of mine had her tonsils out the day before me. A few days ago, she text me that her throat was bleeding and she was in the ER. I was so scared for her. Then I hear from her husband she is going into surgery. Then again from her husband... She is out of surgery but they are keeping her overnight. Then again from her husband..... She may have to have a blood transfusion. Then finally I hear from my friend... They did not have to do a blood transfusion but they had to go in a cauterize her throat. The doctor told her it was basically like she had to start her recovery over.... She was 7 days in..... How frustrating for her. Please pray she can recover quickly and have no more complications.

Ok onto some cuteness.... We had asked the girls to help clean up the house.... Alyssa comes running into the living room soooooo excited. Mom I cleaned up all the balloons. I just had to go look.
It was too cute that I didn't even make her finish cleaning that room :)
 Then they were cleaning Alyssa's room by putting all the animals in the doll house. They were so cute playing together that I just snapped a picture and walked away. I love my sweet girls!!

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  1. I know, I've been reading about the horrors of her tonsilectomy and I feel SO bad for her!

    I hope you feel better soon too! That is a lot of surgeries in 9 years :-( I hope the pain lessens soon!